Wynonna Earp S3 EP8: Waiting Forever On You

This episode was an interesting one.

Robin licks potato.png

It almost was like a filler episode that the timing was off a little, but it had quite a bit of backstory, though Kate’s contradicted her statement to Doc and Wynonna a couple of episodes ago.  Basically, it was a good episode, and we got some great answers, but even more questions.  We also get to see Wynonna and Doc start to make up some.  I am still not sure of him being a vampire, but we will have to see.

                The show opens at Doc’s bar.  Doc nowhere to be seen, but Jeremy and Wynonna are playing pool.  This is the first time I think, we get to see them hang out as friends alone.  It is actually pretty cool, especially when Jeremy mentions that he can’t believe that people still play on that pool table since she gave birth on it.  Wynonna tells him that the birth isn’t the grossest thing that has happened on that table and just when he bends down to shoot, she tells him he may want to keep from actually coming in contact with it.  Ewwwww.

Wynonna and Jeremy pool.jpg

                Wynonna and Jeremy seem to be bonding over bad past (or current) relationships and Jeremy mentions that he has decided to go with the all texting dating approach with Robin.  Wynonna winces and says that is not a good idea and that he should “get some of that while it is still fresh”.  Jeremy thinks it odd that she, who has had nothing but bad luck with men, is giving him advice.  Wynonna barely misses saying vampire, when Jeremy asks about him.  She says that Doc is a vandal (instead of vampire).  Then Wynonna sees Charlie walk in and quick dives behind the other side of the pool table, pretending to be looking for something, saying, ,”I think I left an umbilical cord around here somewhere.”

Wynonna behind pool table.gif

Jeremy yells down to her that she has lost more than that…..her dignity.  He squats down next to her and asks what is up with her and Charlie.  She says that he has texted her like three times and she has avoided him.  So, she has basically ghosted him.  Jeremy thinks that is not cool, so he calls Charlie over, saying that he has something on fire for him to check out.  This forces Wynonna to face Charlie and Jeremy leaves, leaving the other two in an awkward conversation situation.  After a few awkward sentences and Wynonna trying to be her smart ass remark self, the sort of makeup and decide to talk more over dinner.

On the salt plains of Purgatory, there is Bulshar. He is holding a book and stroking it like he is in love with it.  He is such a weirdo.  Apparently, he is doing a spell that is bringing his wife, Constance back to life and she digs her headless corpse out of the ground where Doc and Wynonna put her.  Somewhere along the way Bulshar managed to get her head, which is charred beyond recognition thanks to the Widows throwing it in the fireplace.  With the body standing before him, he places the head back on the body.  He tells her that she will serve him one more time and tells her he wants her to find something.

Doc goes to Kate’s house looking for her, for who knows what.  What he finds instead is a man unconscious, and tied to a chair in the middle of a room.  He yells out to Kate asking what the hell this is.  She comes strutting in, saying that she brought him a fresh human to feed upon.  Doc flat out refuses to feed off of the man and angrily tells Kate no and storms out.

However, Doc is very hungry.  Now, normally , I would say there is a vampire in the middle of the woods who just refused to feed off a man tied to a chair, so why not feed off a deer or something?  Well, as we know, the woods are changing and the animals have become very hard to find.  So, here is Doc wandering through the woods as a starving vampire, when he gets a whiff of something that perks him up.  What we see is Robin on the phone with Jeremy who is telling him about a double date invitation with Waverly and Nicole at the Earp Homestead.  Jeremy is also trying to stash / hide Bulshar’s ring that Wynonna has given him.  He hears a scream from Robin.  Poor unsuspecting Robin doesn’t see Doc until the vamp is coming at him and Doc bites the man in the arm.  Jeremy is upset and worried because he doesn’t know what just happened.

Doc brings a semi-conscious and still alive Robin into the station to Jeremy.  He might have realized what he was doing and stopped, but his words to Jeremy say something a little different.  Jeremy, wondering what attacked his boyfriend turns and sees Doc’s face with blood around his mouth.  That is when Jeremy realizes that Doc is not a vandal, but a vampire and he is furious that Doc would try to feed off of Robin.

Doc with Robin blood on face.jpg

A good indication may also be the blood around Doc’s mouth too.  Jeremy has a few not so nice words with Doc and Doc’s inner vampire comes out and he gets in Jeremy’s face.  Doc needs to control his inner dickhead vampire attitude.

Wynonna and Charlie at dinner.gif

Wynonna and Charlie go to Purgatory’s “finest restaurant” for dinner.  She likes it because it has garlic breadsticks and little knives that look like swords.  Their conversation gets interrupted by a very upset Jeremy who tells Wynonna what Doc has done to Robin.  Wynonna decides that it is time to stake a vampire bitch (or shoot her with the gun…whatever works).  Charlie is given his own assignment.

Doc walks into his own bar and calls for Wynonna, thinking she is there and wants to talk. 

Charlie traps Doc.jpg

However, he is soon trapped by Charlie who throws a circle of rope soaked in holy water around Doc’s feet.  The two have words with each other.  To me is is posturing, as in two males trying to figure out who is Alpha male.  It seems it is going to be a long night.

Meanwhile, Wynonna, obviously not at the bar to talk to Doc, bursts into Kate’s house with attitude.  She is soon face to face with Kate who also has a gun. 

Kate points gun at Wynonna.jpg

Kate and Wynonna share words (Alpha female fight) and it seems it will be a long night there too if they just keep circling pointing guns at each other.  Kate manages to somehow convince Wynonna to hear her story, as Doc is responsible for her becoming a vampire.  Since whiskey is provided and Kate also put her gun down, Wynonna decides to listen.

Kate and Doc old times.jpg

Kate says her family is an old family from Eastern Europe….Hungary actually.  They immigrated to America, but her parents both died shortly after arriving.  Now, I can’t help but think here, that she may be from gypsy background as she is very good at fortune telling and tarot.  She wishes to return home, but working the tarot, she finds that there is something awful back home.  Then one day, a man comes in (who we can’t see) and throws money on the table and asks her to read for him.  She refuses and he becomes angry and aggressive.  Doc comes to her rescue and the man leaves.

Back at the bar, the men are still at it, but are interrupted by Constance as she bursts through the doors.  Charlie is asking what the hell is that and Doc recognizes “it” as the Stone Witch, Constance Clootie.  Charlie tries to take her on himself and it is a struggle.  He finally gives in and slides something over towards Doc, moving the rope, thus breaking the seal.  Doc comes out and hits Constance square in the chest with his vamp strength, throwing her across the room and rendering her unconscious.  They try to call Wynonna to let her know, but…..

Wynonna is still at Kate’s house and will not be distracted in the least, because you can’t trust Kate if you take your eyes off of her for a second.  Kate continues her story.  She says she fell madly in love with Doc and they travelled from town to town. 

Kate and Doc morning.png

One day, in bed, she mentions to Doc that she is going to New York.  He asks what is there?  A boat and he can come with her.  She wants to go home.  Doc doesn’t think it is a great idea and gets up, coughing, his sickness is getting worse.  Wynonna calls out Kate saying that she left Doc, sick and dying, behind.  So not cool.

It is double date night at the Earp Homestead.  Nicole greets a very nervous Jeremy.  I suppose this is the first real date he has gone on with him and he is also waiting for word from Wynonna.  Nicole tells him to just take deep breaths and relax.  Robin is in the kitchen with Waverly.  They are cooking and are currently working on potatoes.  The conversation is normal for a bit, but then Robin just blurts out and asks Waverly if she has ever wondered what it feels like to be a potato in the ground.  Say what?  Waverly says, no, not really.  Robin replies that he has and licks a potato. 

Robin licks potato.gif

Waverly’s Weirdar goes off.  What the hell is wrong with Robin as he whispers a few other things, like he can hear Him talking to the trees.

Out in the dining room, Nicole is dishing out biscuits.  Jeremy remarks that it might be a good idea to not leave jewelry in the food.  Nicole looks and there is a ring in one of the biscuits.  She opens it up and the ring falls to the ground and she kneels to pick it up.  Of course, this is the time Waverly decides to come into the room and she thinks Nicole is proposing to her and gets all flustered. 

Waverly proposal.gif

However, Nicole informs them that it is Bulshar’s ring.  Jeremy says he just stashed that somewhere safe earlier, so how the hell did it get there?  Nicole says that the ring keeps coming back to her.  This is the second time, so there has to be some significance.

Waverly informs the others about Robin acting all weird and she thinks he can hear Bulshar.  He is no longer in the kitchen and they end up finding him in the barn.  He is facing a corner, half naked, bleeding and muttering things.  He says “THEY” need to keep fertilizing the soil and it will all be over soon.  WTH?  See, I told you that Bulshar got that seed  and goo into him before Wynonna and Charlie got there.  Ugh.

Elsewhere, Doc and Charlie have stuffed an unmoving Constance into Doc’s car and have taken her to the well. 

Doc and Charlie witch in trunk.gif

Mistake #1…..they open the trunk .  Mistake #2……they BOTH walk away to move the lid off the well.  Mistake #3…..Doc left the keys in the car.  Why is that last one important?  Well, Constance is not dead.  Did we really think she was?  She is apparently pretty fast too, because by the time Charlie and Doc walk over to the well and remove the lid, she has jumped out of the trunk and climbed into the driving seat and takes off with the car. 

Constance steals Docs car.jpg

Charlie says to shoot at her, and Doc yells, “I am not shooting at Charlene!”  So, Doc has named his car and he also chuckles saying he supposes its payback as he did steal her car after all.

Back at Kate’s house, Wynonna and Kate have had a few words, Wynonna tries to grab her gun, but the vampire is faster and now has two guns pointed at her.  Wynonna pulls out her knife.  Kate puts the guns down and pulls out a bigger knife.  Another stand off. That is when they get a visitor.  Constance comes bursting in and goes around the room looking.  Kate and Wynonna agree to work together, but Constance looks at some of the tarot cards on the table and leaves. 

Doc and Charlie, now stranded in the middle of nowhere without a car are walking along the road.  Doc is starting to not look so good and when Charlie asks him if he is okay, Doc lunges at him trying to attack and feed.  Charlie stops him without too much trouble which makes me go….hmmmmm.  There is something about Charlie I can’t place.  Doc says he doesn’t want to hurt him or anyone else, so asks Charlie to punch him and knock him out.  Charlie has no problem with that.

Back in the Earp barn, Jeremy and the others are trying to talk to Robin.  They are wondering what he is doing and why he is acting so weird.  Jeremy gets closer and tries to get an answer from Robin.  Robin just says that “HE” (Bulshar) is close now.  Close to what?  To them?  Could you be any more cryptic Robin? 

Robin suddenly snaps out of his plant-induced state and realizes where he is.  He tells them that Bulshar is telling the tree roots what to do even if they do not want to do it. Of course, before we can learn more from this weirdness, Constance makes an appearance.  She is still searching for whatever it is that Bulshar wants.  She also has a weapon that reminds me of a bigger version of the “First Blade” on Supernatural…..teeth and all.  Jeremy sticks with Robin and the girls try to fight off Constance, but she just shoos them aside.  Nicole feels the ring burning and throws it.  Waverly gets pissed as this woman has interrupted her dinner party before and tries again.  Thrown down, it looks like Waverly is about to get whacked with that weapon, but she sees the ring and for whatever reason, puts it on.  She punches toward Constance and a burst of super strength emerges, throwing Constance clear across the barn.  However, it makes it that much easier for the bitch to find what she is looking for.  She looks through Doc’s things and finds three tarot cards and leaves.

Wynonna and Kate show up just after.  Kate tells the whole story. 

Bulshar at table with Kate.jpg

It was Bulshar, as the Sheriff Clootie, accompanied by his wife who wanted Kate to read the cards for him.  He was looking for something in Purgatory.  Kate doesn’t want to at first, but then obliges. She deals out the three cards and turns over the first two, his past and present.  When her hand comes to the third, she stops and refuses to tell him his future.  That is when he gets all mad and threatens her.  Doc comes to her aide and points his gun at the man, but Kate also has her own gun too.

Doc and Kate with guns Bulshar.jpg

Kate tells Wynonna and the others that the third card is the key to whatever it is that Bulshar was and still is looking for in the Ghost River Triangle.

Wynonna and Kate hurry to try to catch up with Constance, but they are too late.  She is standing alone on a hillside and she is empty handed.  Bulshar has what he wanted.  Wynonna points the gun at Constance who falls to her knees and grabs the gun and brings it to her forehead.  She is asking for mercy.  To be put out of her eternal misery.  Wynonna says for her to make her peace and the Peacemaker glows white instead of hellfire orange and she puts Constance Clootie down for good.

Wynonna vents her frustration to Kate that Bulshar always seems to be one step ahead of them.  Kate tells her that Bulshar is just a demon and Wynonna is the best demon killer she has seen.  Sounds like Kate is brown nosing so Wynonna doesn’t kill her, however, Wynonna has an epiphany  - Bulshar and her destinies seem to intertwine, so if Kate were to read Wynonna’s cards, maybe that would help them figure out where he is or what it is he is looking for.

At the bar, Doc is groggy and sitting on a stool.  Charlie is down from him and slides him a glass.  Doc asks what it is and realizes it is blood.  Charlie tells him he has a friend at the hospital that helped him out as he shows Doc a bag of blood.  Charlie confesses he really likes Wynonna.  Doc tells Charlie he will never know her like he does.  Charlie comes back with the fact that Wynonna hunts and kills things like him.  Doc seems to think Wynonna will come to understand.  Well, Doc loves Wynonna still and that is good.

Waverly discovers she can’t take off that ring no matter what.  Why?  That will hopefully answered (in a GOOD way) in a future episode.  Jeremy sees that there is an engraving at the bottom of the ring.  They think it is a symbol at first, so Jeremy goes into full nerd investigative mode.  Wynonna comes in and shows them the cards Kate read for her.  Her past, present and future.  The last card is a tower, but represents what they believe to be Adam and Eve or Paradise, which Jeremy discovers is what is engraved on the ring in Arabic.  They question if that means Bulshar is looking for the actual Garden of Eden.  Robin speaks up and says that Bulshar isn’t looking for it, he has already found it.  Great news Robin, ya party pooper. 

Wynonna heads outside and talks to Kate who is sitting on the front porch.  No, Wynonna still says no to vamps in her house so Kate is definitely not allowed inside. Trust issue, ya know?  Kate decides to tell the end of her story.  She had left, yes.  She had hoped Doc would chase her for a change, but he didn’t.  Kate, honey, he was pretty sick and I doubt they would have welcomed tuberculosis onboard the ship.  She came back looking for him and confronted Constance Clootie when she found out he was still alive. 

Kate and Constance old times.jpg

Constance just laughed and said she put him somewhere Kate would never find her if it took her all her life.  So, doing the most logical thing, Kate becomes a vampire so she can continue to look for Doc for as long as she wants.  However, it was Wynonna who found him and freed him.  Kate had become a vampire for Doc, but it hurt her to find that Doc actually didn’t become a vampire for her, but for Wynonna.  YES!  Points for Doc on my end!  Kate leaves, claiming she has to find a coach.  Does this mean she is leaving for good??

Later on, in the barn, Wynonna is standing there, staring, thinking.  Doc scares her when she turns around because he is now extremely stealthy.  He also points out that it is only her house he is not invited in to so he can still skulk around the barn.  She admits that she hates the idea of him being a vampire.  His explanation makes little ‘ole me a little happy I will admit. 

Doc and Wynonna barn promise.gif

He says he became a vampire because he wanted to be around for Wynonna for as long as possible….as long as she needed him.  Also, if she fails (aka dies), he will be there for their daughter Alice always. 

They agree to fight that damn Earp curse together.  It’s going to take all of them to beat Bulshar.  Wynonna brings Doc up to speed of what they found out about Bulshar finding the last tarot card and its meaning of the Garden of Eden and that according to Robin he already found it. 

Suddenly, a voice behind them.  Bulshar has appeared out of nowhere.  Will someone please put a damn cowbell on this boy??!!  He puts out his hand, palm up and blows some dust in their faces.

Bulshar blows dust.png

END OF EPISODE.  NO….seriously….this is where it ended.

Some extra thoughts……

Kate’s story contradicts what she told Wynonna and Doc a few episodes back that she had already been a vampire when she and Doc met and lived together.  Remember?  She says she tried to tell him by saying things like “Doc, let me bite you”, etc.  So, how is it that she seems very mortal in her backstory and I somehow doubt that Wyatt would have approved of Doc being with a vampire, but what do I know?

I was right about the Ghost River Triangle being there protecting Purgatory or something in it.  I just did not think it would be The Garden of Eden. 

Regarding the Garden, where the hell are all the “cherubim” (meaning more than one angel) AND Uriel (the archangel of Salvation) who was and is still supposed to be guarding the Garden of Eden?  Is Julian part of that group? 

Why is that ring attracted to Nicole and why is Waverly able to wear it and use it.  It seems that the ring may not have really been Bulshar’s ring, so we will have to see where this goes.

What is the deal with Charlie and why do I get the feeling he may be more than human?  He just seemed to have “appeared” when Bulshar really started causing hell to break loose.  He seems pretty comfortable for being in a town with all kinds of supernatural occurrences.  I am hoping he is a good guy and not a spy for either Black Badge or the demon side.

Wow!  Not sure if this episode gave us more answers than questions, but we don’t have many episodes left (*wince and shed a tear*) so let’s see how this plays out. 

Any thoughts on your end folks???  Please leave comments below and let me know!