#WynonnaEarp Season 2 Episode 1 "Steel Bars and Stone Walls" aka Saving Mr. Dolls

Season 2 picks up literally seconds after Season 1 ended and Waves and Doc are on the move, running from whatever she shot at in the last moments of the S1 finale. The creature gets Doc’s hat (RIP) but thankfully, Wynonna was right behind them and was able to gleefully Ty Cobb him…it?…into next Tuesday before blowing it away.

Her plan is simple: use the creepy mouth thing she just blew away to get Dolls back. Somehow. It’s a not fully fleshed out plan okay?

Speaking of Dolls, he used his time wisely and with the cell phone he had on him, called off the missile strike on Purgatory. Lucado, continuing to prove what a massive biatch she really is, throws a temper tantrum about this and the fact that Wynonna offed BoBo by zapping Dolls and gleefully telling him he’s gonna be shipped to a dark site somewhere.

Back in Purgatory, Wynonna walks in on Sheriff Nedley spinning a yarn that paints Wynonna Earp as the cause of all that went wrong at the end of last season with Bobo. Thanks for your continued support, Randy! At least he tells her in his own Nedley way that he appreciates what she did for everyone…right before telling her Black Badge has swooped in and removed everything from the site.

Then Nedley asks what we all have asked at one point or another: Where on earth did Dolls live?? Because maybe that’s where he stashed all his important info. Wynonna takes off searching for his digs to find what she can find and finally breaks into the right place. She realizes quickly it’s not quite as vacant as she was expecting as she’s attacked by a half naked blonde bombshell with an attitude. They realize soon enough though they’re both…ahem…friends with Xavier and the guns are holstered.

Back at Casa del Earp, Waverly is busy patching up Nicole from the booboo she got at the end of last season (what’s a gunshot wound tempered by a bullet proof vest between more than friends?) Kissing ensues but Haught has to put a stop to it due to her injuries. She does note though that Waves tastes differently. Just then Doc shows up and breaks up the party to check in on Waverly and how she’s doing after losing Willa.

Meanwhile Wynonna and the blonde chick…whose name we learn to be Eliza…are circling each other figuratively speaking then Wynnona blurts out that Black Badge took Dolls. Eliza tells her she needs her if they’re gonna get Dolls back since he’ll be taken to Black Rock if they don’t rescue him in time. Either that or he’ll be dead, or worse than dead. Well that sounds ominous.

Team Earp plus one gather to discuss their plan to infiltrate a Black Badge safe house at the Earp household. Nicole..now Agent Haught…will help keep the peace with the 62 remaining revnants with Waverly while the others go all in.

Wynonna, Doc and Eliza head back to Dolls old office (dealing with any problem Black Badge agents as they find them) and open Dolls’ safe. Bad news. Dolls doesn’t have his dose and hasn’t taken anything in 30 hours or so. Wynonna of course has no idea what they’re talking about. Doc clues her in: Dolls isn’t entirely a man. And by that, he means Dolls isn’t a man at all.

Wynonna takes the news quite well, I think.

Unsurprisingly the BB agent gives up the goods and Team Earp is on the move to an old bread factory, where Dolls is. They arrive armed with a dead possum, stinking, and dressed in protective gear. The guard quickly motions them through, not interested in suffering the horrible stench for any longer than necessary.

Once inside, Eliza, fresh from the vents (she had to cut the security cam wires), meets up with them and they’re off, down a stairway and trapped. Eliza’s ID isn’t working for them anymore. Ruh roh. So much for Plan A.

Back home, Nicole and Waverly prepare for battle. Except things aren’t what they seem (Waverly’s weird black glowy eye thing aside) and Waverly confesses Wynonna had a secondary agenda for them in mind. Let’s call it Plan B. She shows up at the Black Badge site in disguise as some chick from Scotland Yard just in time, carting part of the weird mouth creature (“Johnny Big Mouth” demon) from the start of the episode. Meanwhile, Nicole waits for everyone in the getaway car as the guard, who is apparently a blithering idiot who can’t tell Waverly’s lying through her teeth lets her through.

Lucado is with Dolls, taunting him that Eliza’s there and that she’ll stick with him till he’s carted off to Black Rock. She hates him, you see, because he chose to save Eliza over her husband on some op in Kabul back in the day and doesn’t care when Dolls tells her that her husband told him to leave with Eliza since he was bleeding out and wasn’t going to make it. Instead she lets him know Wynonna and Doc are with Eliza and they’ll pay for what he did. What a vindictive %#^@*^#… well, you get my drift.

Waverly arrives in the Black Badge laboratory which is stocked with all sorts of critters, including another Johnny Big Mouth demon. Wynonna calls her and tells her that it’s in fact time for Plan C. While she waits for Waverly to get to…whatever it is she’s gonna do…she and Eliza have a heart to heart. Eliza clears up that she and Dolls are just friends but that she’s there in Purgatory to find out what Black Badge did to Dolls, and to her. To find out what they were changed into. Eliza warns her though that it might be too late to save Dolls and that they might have to end him if he’s too far gone.

Meanwhile Waverly, in full on Plan C mode, is trying to distract? woo? flirt with? manipulate? the lab technician to get him to open the security doors so her sister and friends can escape. He unwittingly gives her the answer as to what she needs and she clobbers the poor guy, but not enough to actually knock him out, just make him bleed. Which is bad as one of the creatures in captivity…a Bulgarian devourer of souls…breaks free.

They escape and Waverly comes clean. She’s there for her sister and Dolls…a good friend. And for some reason he helps her out and unlocks the doors for her.  But before Wynonna can get out, Doc does and shuts the door behind him. He’ll get Dolls. She’ll go with Eliza to save Waverly.

Doc finds Dolls in a cage and Lucado in front of said cage with a gun. But Doc’s prepared for this eventuality.

Doc wants her to apologize to Xavier but before she can, Dolls grabs her from behind and knocks her clean out and Doc gets Dolls out of the cage and the room.

Waverly and her technician friend decide it’s safe to go back inside the lab, THOUGH WHY THEY’D WANT TO I HAVE NO IDEA. Except it isn’t safe and the soul devourer is ticked off in the worse way. Testy little things, ain’t they? Waverly steps forward though and goes all black eyes on the soul devourer, and he…it? backs down. Which begs the question on all of our minds: HUH? Wynonna shows up and grabs Peacemaker, who has been hidden in the Johnny Big Mouth demon head Waverly brought in there and she “peacemakes” the soul devourer before dragging Waves out of there.

Meanwhile Doc is having a tough time dragging Dolls and he offloads the dynamite near the opening of some box…which I’m sure certainly is not going to come up again in the future *WINK*… before giving Dolls a dose of his meds. Dolls eyes go all glowy before he whispers something in Doc’s ears. Whatever it is, Doc isn’t happy about it at all. I’m guessing it’s pertaining to the fact he has to leave on his own because that’s what Doc pushes him to do right as Black Badge agents fall on Doc’s position.

Eliza, Wynonna, Waverly and the lab tech who we now know is named Jeremy (‘sup!) run into a very unhappy Lucado who’s ready to kill pretty much anyone in range right now. She’s stopped before she can by a Black Badge superior as other BB agents drag in Doc.

The big bad Black Badge boss (the B.B.B.B.B? Yikes what an acronym!) wants Wynonna and team to keep taking out revnants and also all the other new creatures popping up in the Ghost River Triangle but Doc is a hard no and Eliza warns her not to sign anything. Lucado adds her tuppence and insists someone pay for what’s happened so the B.B.B.B.B. *smirk* picks up Lucado’s gun and kills Eliza right in front of them. LE GASP!

Team Earp are then all forced to sign the contract in their own blood and the BB boss promises to help Wynonna break her family’s curse as part of the package.

The Black Badge boss asks a final question: does anyone else knows about your mission? And Waves and Wynonna lie their asses off not wanting her to end up as poor Eliza did. Thankfully, Nicole has been listening in the whole time and is able to escape before being spotted.

Back at the Earp homestead, a visibly deflated Nicole apologizes for leaving and Waves insists it was necessary. Wynonna cuddles in Willa’s bed and finally allows herself to grieve. But her moment is interrupted with a light shining in her eyes and she goes to investigate and finds her key necklace hanging on a branch and a teary eyed yet smiling Xavier Dolls looking down from a cliff above.

Wynonna and Waverly share a tender sister bonding moment at the homestead before we switch over to the Black Badge facility where we see a hand stretch out from a box and igniting the dynamite left by Doc.

Told ya that would come back into play.

Steel Bars and Stone Walls was a fun start for Season 2 and really sets the stage for the season. I give it 9.5 peacemakers out of a possible 10.