#Killjoys Season One Recap "Still Lost On How The Killjoys Got Where they Are?" Catch Up Now!

From the creator of Lost Girl Michelle Lovretta come this new Syfy space adventure drama 'Killjoys'.

I will recommend you check the www.syfy.com  to get familiar with The Quad, Qresh, Leith, The Company, Westerley the home our main characters and mostly to understand the world of Killjoys.

Season one was an introduction to a new journey of a decisive female lead, Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) a top level reclamation agent who is dangerous, mysterious and an emotionless killing machine thanks to Khlyen. Her partner in crime, John 'Johnny' Jaqobis (Aaron Ashmore), is a tech-savvy sidekick with a sarcastic streak and lastly John's estranged brother D'avin (Luke Macfarlane) as the team's newest recruit, he is a former soldier suffering from PTSD. The trio as employees of the neutral and independent RAC (Reclamation Apprehension Coalition) are known as killjoys, whom jobs are interplanetary bounty hunters to serve warrants to deadly criminals throughout The Quad, and its biggest client is The Company.

Through their journey, we discover the purpose of the RAC and why The Company isn't all that seems. We also come across characters such Turin (in charge of Killjoys and hate Dutch). Pawter (a member of the ruling families and a disgraced doctor), Pree (the humorous bone of the show), Alvis (a powerful monk), Fancy Lee (I do what is needed for the reputation of the RAC). Lucy (the best space ship and love Johnny) and also Khlyen (The mystery that eludes us all and Dutch's trainer)

 Season One wasn't a perfect recipe yet but overly enjoyable and for some reason, I think that it was purposely left unfinished for the purpose of keeping us wanting more and that the creator has planned to have more seasons for this show.