#TheWalkingDead Season 10 Episode 1 “Lines We Cross" EARLY PREVIEW Review

Season 10 of The Walking Dead is already vastly different from all of the other nine seasons of the show. From the opening scene of *SPOILER* the meteor that turned out to be a crashed satellite from NASA to the way they broke down each piece of the episode, the tenth season had a major shift of feel, and perhaps for the better.



They began the episode with a glance of a satellite cruising through outer space followed by a bolded screen scene entitled “TRAINING DAY” It showed a pack of trainees being trained by Aaron, Michonne, Judith and multiple other veteran Walker slayers. The King and his loyal sideman Jerry emptied a long-abandoned ship two walkers at a time while the group on the shore practiced maneuvers in a real-time sequence. Around the third bout, they were inundated with walkers as a wall of the ship crumbled and fell to pieces. Panicked, they almost forgot everything. But, they were able to keep their composure and do what needed to be done.

After a successful ‘training day,’ they go back to Oceanside. Judith and her brother RJ and a few other kids show their findings of shells. All of a sudden, Judith panics. A whisperer mask has been discovered…


Michonne and a group of six went out to begin the search for any sign of Alpha and her herd. They haven’t seen it in months and the mask was the first sign of anything. Michonne and Aaron look along a riverbank and hadn’t found anything until a panicked Yumiko called over the walkie that they needed to meet up. When they did, Magna showed Michonne all the evidence that they had found. A campsite, dead bodies, even a drying skin that had been harvested from a victim. They head back to Oceanside to call to Alexandria. Aaron wants things to go on lockdown but Michonne just wants everyone to stay alert. They agree on staying alert.


Back at Alexandria, Rosita is good at two things, combat, and motherhood. She’s training hard and getting back into her groove while smarty man Eugene is making a baby hack diagram for Siddiq and Rosita. He thanks him for the efforts and studies over the last few months but figures he probably will never use it. While doing that, Gabriel conversates with Michonne and Aaron at Oceanside and calls them to a meeting. Lydia and other kids (much younger than her) are fast at learning when they interrupt. They need to have a meeting. Angry, she goes outside to train in the garden where Negan tends to the garden under the watchful eye of his guard (who’s the name I do not know). Lydia confesses the conversation circulating and Negan tells her that she needs to watch her back. Later on, Negan is back in his cell and Father Gabrial visits him. Negan tells him that “its starting” insinuating the war with Alpha has begun again and implies that “shitting pants” should be put back on.


Back at Oceanside, they are at the shore anticipating the arrival of a long-awaited friend; Carol and her shipment of fish. While doing so, Daryl and Connie chat, sort of. She signs to him that he forgot something (meaning Dog) and he jokes that he likes her better. Then, she makes landfall and Carol was met at the dock by her former man Ezekiel along with an awkward exchange of smiles. Then, she went to Daryl and gave him a big hug. After a while and a flirt between Like and an Oceansider, they seem to think all is well and good until that satellite crashes into their neighboring land and starts a roaring fire. They rush to get it dampened down but many are worried they’ll cross Alphas territory. Michonne pushes forward and they put the fire out. It takes all night but they finally accomplish their task. Eugene wants to investigate and Michonne gives in for ten minutes.

Photo Credit zainap.twd.spn.ftwd.caryl via Instagram

Photo Credit zainap.twd.spn.ftwd.caryl via Instagram

Photo Credit zainap.twd.spn.ftwd.caryl via Instagram

Photo Credit zainap.twd.spn.ftwd.caryl via Instagram

In the final bit of the episode, Daryl and Carol found themselves a little hideout and caught up. They talked about running away together to New Mexico. She harassed him about making best friend bracelets and toward the end, went for a ride. He showed her the place that Alpha took him when they were kidnapped and she warned him about her herd. It was an empty gully with no walkers in sight. But, just as she was about to walk away, Carol spotted something; Alpha. Alpha stepped from the bushes and observed her walkers’ holding spot. Then, she glanced up and grimaces at Carol and a staredown began. Then, the episode came to an end.

Episode 10x01 ‘Lines We Cross’ was a fantastic opener for so many reasons. It had a flare that the show hasn’t had in a minute and renewed the feeling of The Walking Dead. What did you think of the episode! Don’t forget to like and comment in the comment section below!

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