AM Teens YouTuber of the week Connor Joel Franta #ConnorFranta

Connor Joel Franta is a American entrepreneur, Writer , and Youtuber. As of November 2015 his self named main channel on YouTube has over 5 million subscribers. Connor was also formerly a part of the YouTube group O2l. Connor has recently been involved in various entrepreneurial enterprises, including a clothing line, music curation, as well as coffee and lifestyle brand names common culture and his debut book work in progress April 25 , 2015 . In July ,2015 details of Heard Well, a record label Franta co-founded was announced. Connor celebrated his 22nd birthday in 2014 by launching a fundraising campaign for The thirst project ,he set a goal for $120,000 and 10 days he reached his goal and by the end of the month the campaign raised over $230,000 and he later visited Swaziland to see the wells the donations helped build. Connor received the Governor’s award for his work at the Thirst Project 6th annual Thirst Gala in June 30,2015 . Franta launched a second campaign for his 23rd birthday with the goal of $180,000 in 30 days. When the campaign closed in October 2015 , he had raised over $190,000 , which contributed to the building of 16 water wells in Swaziland . Connor is such a amazing person and I look up to him so much , Connor has inspired so much people to be themselves and not care what anyone else thinks and the way he is with his fans and treats anyone who gets the amazing opportunity to meet him like family is absolutely Frantastic So this is some of the reasons that Connor Franta is Youtuber of the Week.


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