#Arrow “Lost in the Flood” Aka “The Flood Beginnings”

The episode picks up where it left off, and Oliver and Diggle have to find a way out of the crumbling nexus chamber. Darkh’s powers had grown so much that when Oliver and Diggle fired their arrow and bullets at him, they turned to dust and Darkh brought the place down with a wave of his hand. Oliver questions Darkh humanity, and he told them he was still human just way better.  Darkh’s mission to destroy the world continues, as he plans to reactivate Rubicon, recruiting Felicity ex-boyfriend computer hacker Cooper to help him restart Rubicon and launch the remaining missiles. Oliver and Diggle manage to escape the nexus chamber safely; Felicity had located Thea after she attempted to contact them before being interrupted by Merlyn and a few ghosts. Oliver and Diggle go to the location that Felicity pinged Thea’s phone but sees nothing, Lance suggested that they look around for something new or out of place. Oliver notices a sewer access and enters it to find Darkh version of Noah’s Ark. Diggle and Oliver split up to find Thea; Oliver has located Thea, who is not herself because she was forced feed the mind control pills by Merlyn. Thea attacks Oliver, and she radios Merlyn tell him that she has one of the intruders. Oliver tells Merlyn that he should have taken his head, and he told Oliver that he had a problem following through when it comes to doing the necessary thing.

Oliver is surround and Diggle come in shooting allowing Oliver to make a run for it, as they are chased by a group of Ghost soldier and exchanging fire they found a way to hide and breaks into one of the houses which had a family. While they were in the house Ruvé sends out a kill order for them referring to them as hostile and dangerous. After the broadcast, the man yell they were there, and Diggle punches him the stomach, but Oliver stopped him and told him that they are not in their right minds. Oliver is surprised the man told them that they are not being mined controlled by his there if free will because Damon Darkh has given them hope and asked if he could do the same under his mask. Oliver is hurt by the man’s comment and starts to questions their usefulness. Diggle zip ties the man’s arm, and Oliver goes outside to check only to find Thea pointing her arrow at him, the two begins to fight, and Thea was able to subdue him, but Oliver was able to talk her out of the brainwashing. Diggle is inside under attacked by Merlyn and some Ghost and Thea and Oliver came in to help. Thea walks in a tell Merlyn that next he does something like that she would kill him. 

Meanwhile, Curtis pays a visit to Felicity out of concern and is asked to help them stop Darkh from reactivating Rubicon. Donna and Noah are at each other’s throat leaving Felicity no choice but to tell Donna that she needs Noah’s help to save the world and that she has been working with the Arrow for the past three years. Donna was disappointed with Felicity for not telling her and told Felicity she is more like her father than she thought. Felicity learns that her father didn’t abandon her, but Donna took them away to protect her from him. Copper was able to hack into their system and alerted them to his present; he locked them out for a few minutes, but they were able to take back their system and a shutdown Rubicon for good “thank heavens.”

Back at the dome, Machin took over took over hive command center and sent a message to Darkh threatens to destroy the town and kill his wife and daughter if he doesn’t show himself. Oliver orders Merlyn to evacuate the city, he hesitant and Diggle points a gun to his head reassure him that he had no choice. In the meanwhile, Oliver, Diggle, and Thea try to stop Machin from killing everyone in the town. Machin taunts Ruvé, and she tells him that he has no idea what he is up against. As team Arrow tries to stop Machin he stabs Ruvé in the chest and Oliver fires in an attempt to stop him from killing her and hits the primary power source causing an explosion. They tries to capture Machin but after a fight he escaped say bye to Thea aka his mom, and Oliver saved young Darkh but wasn’t able to save Ruvé, but she made him promise to protect her daughter. Oliver, Diggle, and Thea were able to escape safely with young Darkh and look at the now destroyed town in the hope that Merlyn played his part and got the people out in time. 

Felicity is a relief to hear that they were all ok, and had a drink with Curtis as Donna asks Noah to leave and stay away. Merlyn breaks the news to Darkh that the town has been destroyed, and Ruvé is dead, and the survival of his daughter is unknown, and they but they are still looking for survivors. Darkh tells Merlyn that they have been locked out of Rubicon momentarily setback, but he knows someone who could get them back online. Merlyn encourages the angered and broken heated Darkh to call off his plan to destroy the word as they are no place on earth that his safe and Darkh told him that if no place on earth is safe then let it all burn. Donna came to tell Felicity that her father was going away for a little while, and Curtis tells Felicity that her love lives with Oliver are similar to her parent. As Donna was about to explain why she asked him to leave, Darkh entered the room and asked them if they are getting all weepy and if they needed a moment. Darkh tells Felicity that he needed her help, and she told him to go to hell. The episode ended with Darkh tell her that he was going to bring hell to them. 

In flashbacks, the idol is feeding Taiana with more power and slowly corrupting her mind. As they tried to escape one of the soldiers got wounded, and Oliver wanted to save him, but she fought him off and killed the soldier. Taiana tells Oliver that she know how Reiter feels not and she plans to go back to her country and save her people.  Oliver takes the idol and tries to talk her down, but Reiter suddenly arrives and confronts them both.

Overall it was a great episode and with one more episode left, I am excited to see how they will wrap up this story line. It was nice to see Felicity having her mom and dad together around her for the first time in a long time even though it was not all love and sunshine. Thea has one again proven that she has a powerful mind by fighting the effects of the pills in her system. I love John Barrowman but still wonders why Merlyn is alive after all he has done and continued to do. Machin a character is growing on me (is it just me?) I am happy that Ruvé is dead, she was getting too cocky. Diggle is still very angry, and I am worried about him.How funny was it when Felicity told Donna she had something to tell her and she got really excited thinking that she was pregnant and Curtis joins in to say he knew (I think that would be interesting.)

Let us know:
•    Are you happy that Ruvé is dead?
•    What would you like to see in the season finale?
•    Is Donna doing the right thing by Felicity?
•    Do you think they made the right choice by not killing Merlyn?
•    Do you think Felicity will help Darkh on the Finale?