#Arrow Monument Point Recap & Review Aka Team Arrow vs. Team Darkh

The episode picks up right where it left on the episode Genesis, Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, and Lyla tries to find a way to stop Rubicon, from destroying the world. Felicity suggested seeking help from her father Noah to them help disable the “Rubicon” program, and Darkh has the same idea and sends Danny Brickwell and Michael Amar to find and kill Noah. When Oliver got to the location that Noah is supposed to be he was already gone and the place was wrecked, and when Oliver ran the recording, they realized that Darkh had released the men from Iron Height Prison and sent then after Noah. After speaking with Donna was a Felicity was able to locate Noah, but by the time Felicity, Oliver, and Diggle got there Noah was already being attacked by Danny, Michael and members H.I.V.E. Oliver and Diggle was able to subdue them and Noah escape and was picked up by Felicity in the van. Noah agrees to help, but needs a high-powered processor that is at Palmer Tech, but when Felicity goes to get the processor she learned that she has been fired as CEO and is unable to remove anything from the premises forcing team Arrow to break in and steal it. 

H.I.V.E. finds the location of team Arrow and Oliver, Diggle and Lyla tries to buy them time to stop the nuclear missiles controlled by Darkh from destroying the world. As H.I.V.E. attacks, Oliver, Diggle, and Lyla tried their best to hold them off but a few of them was able to get in, and Noah got shot shielding Felicity. Oliver and Diggle came in and overcome them. Felicity and Noah were able to shut down “Rubicon” and stop all missiles but one, which launches and heads to a large city called Monument Point, but Felicity was able to redirect the missile to a less populated town, where it detonates killing tens of thousands of people. Lyla tries to comfort a down Felicity telling her that her redirection saved millions. The team figures out that Ruvé Adams ran for Mayor to have access to the City Hall under which a there is a nexus chamber. Oliver and Diggle find Darkh in the nexus chamber consuming the extra powers from the deaths caused by the explosion.

Meanwhile, Thea convinces Merlyn to let her see Alex, as he tries to convince her that he his only doing this to protect her from being killed when the world ends. Merlyn took Thea to see Alex, who seems to know what going on and is in agreement, telling her that he went into politics to make the world a better place and what better way to do this that starting over #Crazy, Thea tells him that he is brain watched. Merlyn asks Thea to help him stop Lonnie Machin as he has a personal connection with him. Thea attempts to talk him down but before she could see the result Merlyn shot an arrow at him, and he escapes. Thea when after him only to find Alex knocked to the ground and he tell her he is Ok. Lonnie asks Thea why she always has to have a man to validate her, that she was Queen, and the two begin to fight, he was able to overpower Thea and get to Alex and electrocuted him. Thea got angry and knocked him out and run over to Alex to look to be dead, but his faith his still unknown. 

Elsewhere, Donna talks Lance out of signing an affidavit which states that he didn’t know that Laurel was the Black Canary to get his job back telling him that there is no such thing as a small lie and she loves him because he is not a liar like Noah, and he had the affidavit amended stating that he knew that she was the Black Canary, and he worked with her even thought he was again it at first because he came to realize that what she was doing was vital, important and good. Donna told him that she was so proud of him and that Laurel would have been too, Lance told her that by signing it he is his throwing his badge away, and she told that he doesn’t know that for sure, but he knows that he is doing the right thing #Dolance. 

In flashbacks, Reiter escapes the caves, and his looking the idol Oliver and Taiana stole from him. Reiter and Oliver got into a fight, and he stabbed him but that was not able to stop him as he had just consumed extra powers from the men he had killed. Taiana came and distracted Reiter allowing her and Oliver to escape with the idol which soon begins to affect Taiana and she is holding the idol.

Overall I enjoyed the episode; it was nice to see Felicity working with her father and kind of experience where she got her brilliance. I enjoyed the Diggle and Oliver talk about not being honest with Lyla using and Felicity’s relationship and an example. Lyla saving Diggle was totally hot and proves that she is a badass not like we didn’t already know she kicks ass. I was shocked by Alex response to ending the world. But still confuse to whether or not he have been brainwashed or he is there of his free will. Noah jumping in front of a bullet to save Felicity makes me think he had some redeeming qualities and was funny see Noah trying to bond with his son in law even though he doesn’t think that he is who he is. 

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