#Arrow S4 Ep19 "Canary Cry" Recap The Turning Point #RipLaurelLance

The Canary Cry is the episode after Laurel’s death and her family and friend struggles in their own ways to deal with their pain. I don’t want to use the word disappointed for the plot of this episode, so I am going to use unexpected. The episode starts with a casket going into the ground; it was not Laurel but a flashback to Tommy Merlyn’s funeral and Laurel giving the eulogy after Oliver didn’t show up. I didn’t see where that scene was necessary. However, it was a good twist to the start of the episode. Oliver discovers that Laurel’s sonic device is missing from her belongings from the hospital after there was a sighting of the Black Canary stopping an illegal weapons exchange in the city. The imposter turns out to be Evelyn Sharp one of  H.I.V.E. prisoners Oliver left behind after he saved his team when they were kidnapped by Darhk, believing that she was with Darhk voluntarily. I don’t remember her from that episode but with everything that was going on with team Arrow at the time and Felicity about die I may have been distracted. The team tries to determine their next move against Darhk while Captain Lance looks for a way to resurrect Laurel, even seeking out Nyssa al Ghul for help (I am still stuck on new Ra’s al Ghul crying I just saying.) The team tries to carry on with their day; Thea is on a date, Oliver and Felicity are talking again, and you know that makes me happy. Diggle filled with anger and Self-hatred for trusting his brother went after Darhk’s wife, Ruvé Adams. After receiving a call from Thea, Felicity told Oliver that Lola have not heard from Diggle, and she was worried; Oliver got to Diggle in time to stop him from shooting Ruvé and doing something he would regret. I was live tweeting, and someone mention that Diggle should not have hit Ruvé, and while I don’t believe in Woman abuse, I want to clear it up that she is a villain, and female superheroes get struck by men all the time, most recently #Vixen. Also, Ruvé deserves worst (I myself wanted to slap the smug look off her face.) Oliver tried to calm Diggle down by telling him to leave it to the police and Diggle said: “I am so angry I can hardly breathe.” Ruvé uses the opportunity with her mayoral authority to issue arrest warrants for all vigilantes (another vigilante task force yeah.)  Evelyn Sharp is still on a mission to hurt to people who wronged her and went after Ruvé at a public event and held her at gunpoint. Oliver is able to talk her out of killing the Mayor after she shot him. Ruvé told her task force to arrest the Arrow they were hesitant, and he was able to escape but not before telling Ruvé “I have seen this movie before.” Throughout the episode, flashbacks showed Oliver and Laurel struggling to come to terms with Tommy Merlyn’s death, they even shared a kiss, and no not those Felicity type kisses but more like I am kissing you before you leave the show. 

The day of the Laurel Funeral arrived they showed her brokenhearted parents and friends looking on as Oliver delivers his speech where he told everyone that before Laurel died she confided in him that she was the Black Canary (the look on her mother’s face was priceless.) After the funeral and everyone was gone Oliver is seen paying his last respect to his friend, first love and team member. An Angry Felicity waits for him to return to the car, he asked if she was Ok and she said no and asked if he was ok to which he replied no. Felicity then asked Oliver if he knows what he must do, tell him to kill the son of a bitch (Darkh.) Oliver tells Felicity that he know what he needs to do telling her that he saw this magic back on the island and has never been able to defeat it because there’s a darkness associated with it. Felicity refuses to believe he can’t stop it telling him that one of the many reasons she fell in love with him is because he always finds a way, telling him if he doesn’t find a way then Laurel would have died for nothing. With tears running coming down her face she tells Oliver to do it for Laurel, the city, and the team. 

Questions (answer in the comments)

1.    Was the episode what you were expecting?

2.    Did you enjoy the episode?

3.    Will you miss Laurel Lance/ Black Canary

4.    Would like to see more of Evelyn Sharp? 

Here is a Video Recap from the episode.