#Arrow Season Finale Recap Of “Schism” Aka The Start Of A New Life

A week later and it is just sinking in that there is no Arrow tonight or for the next 24 Wednesday’s. Nonetheless, I am recapping last week’s season finale. The episode started where it left off with Darkh entering Felicity’s loft where she is with Donna and Curtis. Darkh enters and demand Felicity helps him reactivate Rubicon, throwing Curtis to the side of the room badly hurting him and then threatens to kill Donna. Felicity tries to stand fast and be the heroes she thinks she has to be, but when she realized that Darkh is about to kill her mother, Oliver and Diggle came in through the window, and Oliver fired an explosive arrow at Darkh, but it exploded in midair without affecting him. Darkh tells Oliver that he has consumed too much power from the death of those tens of thousands of people and that he brought company. Oliver and Diggle fight off the Ghost soldiers and Oliver when after Darkh but his power was too strong for him, and he starts to suck the life out of Oliver, but Thea came in hold Darkh’s daughter hostage threatening to kill her if he doesn’t leave the loft and everyone there alone. Darkh agrees to Thea demands, but before he left, he took the laptop with the locked Rubicon launches codes. They rush back to the Arrow cave and with the injured Curtis and Oliver tell Felicity that they needed her at her station because they need to stop Rubicon. Felicity asks Oliver how Darkh was able to use his powers on him, and he told her that he is much more powerful and the first time the hope she had in him was able to counteract his magic. Felicity told Oliver that there was good news and bad news, good news that Darkh hasn’t unlocked the code to set off the missile and the bad that because they are offline there is nothing for her to hack into. Lyla is asking why Darkh is still going on with his plan after His Dome was destroyed, and Oliver tells her because Machin killed Ruvé and he has lost all hope Diggle agreed saying haven’t they all. Oliver suggested using the GPS she attached to the laptop; they found a lead but when Oliver, Diggle, and Thea got to the location no one was there, and they saw a screen with all the missile activated and taking off. 

Oliver warns Lyla not to have her soldiers close in on City Hall where Darkh is because if she does she will be sending them to their deaths because Darkh will decimate them. Lyla ignored his warning and told him that Cooper could be down there with him, and he tried to tell Lyla that he would not have Copper with him but kept him at a secure location. Darkh is with his daughter at City Hall and tells her that he missed Ruvé too, but they would see her soon. Lyla team attacked, and the team Arrow listened while they are all killed by Darkh, Lyla feels horrible and walks away from the team, and Diggle went after her. Felicity finally starts to make progress, and the Ghost Soldier breaks in the arrow cave and starts shooting.

“Rubicon” has launched over 15,000 nuclear missiles, the team is down from two hours to 27 minutes prevent worldwide annihilation. Team Arrow and the people of Star City is starting to lose hope, but Curtis, who is up and walking tells gave Oliver an inspirational speech that reminded him not to lose hope in himself or the people of the City. Oliver uses his new found hope to address the people of Star City, and they riot in the street. While Oliver brings back hope to the City Felicity and Curtis works on diverting the missile aimed at Star City, they were successful, but their mission was over as they still had to stop 15432 missiles. 

The team splits up, and Oliver goes after Darkh, while Felicity, Merlyn, and Thea track down “Rubicon”, while Diggle and Lyla prepare to back up Oliver. As Diggle and Lyla prepare to go back up Oliver, Lyla asks Diggle about freezing up when he was supposed to shoot the ghost soldiers; he refuses to talk about it, and she tells him that if they are going to die, they should be honest with each other. Diggle opens up to Lyla about him not shooting Andy in self-defense, and she told him that she did what she had to do. 

Felicity gets to where Copper is and was able to convince him to stop helping Darkh, and Curtis devises a plan to stop the missiles.  Meanwhile, Oliver is getting his butt kicked by Darkh until the people in the city came to back him up. Oliver was able to nullify Darkh’s powers with the hope he inspired throughout the city. While the people of Star City take on Darkh’s remaining ghost soldiers, Oliver and Darkh had a physically battle now that he is without is powers and Oliver was able to overpower and kill Darkh. 

Star City is now safe, and everyone has reevaluated their lives and made some life changing decisions. The team leaves for new lives Lance did get reinstated as police and left the City with Donna. Thea goes off to give the superheroes life a break, and Diggle says goodbye to his family and heads back to the army. While Oliver is visiting Laurel grave, he received a call about becoming the Interim Mayor of Star City because of the inspiring speech he gave the people hope when they needed it most. Oliver goes back to the destroy and empty the arrow cave and is met by Felicity, who he told that he didn’t think that she would be there, and she said that there wasn’t a chance she is leaving.

In flashbacks, Reiter, and Taiana fight; Taiana drained Reiter’s life force enough for Oliver to kill him. After, Oliver is forced to kill Taiana, at her request, when she is unable to escape the darkness within. Oliver radios Amanda Waller to rescue the rest of the prisoners and keep the idol safe.

This season finale was not what I was expecting, but it was interesting and entertaining. I am still wondering how Oliver drained Darkh’s power; I think the explanation was that it was hope from the people (if you know the answer, please tell me in the comments.) I was disappointed in the way Darkh was killed; I wish it were more dramatic. I am very interested to see how they will bring the team back together and hope they bring Donna back as a season regular.

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