Catch Up Before Tonight's All New Episode #Arrow S4 Ep 20 "Genesis" Recap Aka The Start Of The End Game

Things are heating up in Star City, and team Arrow is looking for a magical solution to defeat Darkh, Oliver reached out to Constantine for help, and he referred Oliver to a friend who he apparently still owes money. Oliver gave to team some time off telling them to stay put until he learns more about how to stop Darkh’s magic. Thea is spending the weekend with Alex; she deserves some rest she has been going for a while, a matter a fact they all deserve a break. Felicity volunteers to accompany Oliver to meet Constantine’s friend and thought he was hesitant; Felicity wouldn’t take no for an answer. A vengeance-driven Diggle gets a lead on Andy’s whereabouts and heads off to confront his brother, which resulted in a shoot-out between them, and later Diggle being captured. 

Thea vacation is not going as plan; she works up in a strange house with no memory of how she got there and Alex is making it seem like she is paranoid ( which makes me wonder is Alex conscious of where he is and what is going on?) Diggle manages to escape his brother and the Hive soldiers, but naturally it was too easy, and Andy placed a tracking device on Diggle leading Darkh to him and his family. Meanwhile, Oliver and Felicity meet up with their contact a beautiful immortal sorceress named Esrin Fortuna, who revealed herself to them after Felicity gave some chips at the back jack table out of the kindness of her heart. Oliver training begins with Fortuna, and he had to learn to counteract Damien Darkh’s darkness with light, but Oliver has both darkness and light in him, so Fortuna encourages him to focus on the light. His first attempt was great, but in the words of Fortuna, it was just beginner luck, on the second  try the darkness brought Oliver to a dark place showing flashbacks of some of the darkest things that happen to him causing him to fail the training and Fortuna telling him that he was not ready. 

Diggle and his family are under attack by HIVE and Darkh, and he reached out to the team and didn’t get a response, Lyla tells Diggle to take Sara and go because she doesn’t want him to use them against him. Diggle takes Sarah and rides away, and Darkh sends Andy after them when Andy finally caught up to them Felicity arrives with the van and knock Andy and his soldier to the ground. Diggle was relieved that Felicity got his message, and she tells him that Oliver has gone to help Lyla, Andy tries to escape, and Diggle handed Sara to Felicity and went after him. Meanwhile, Darkh is using his magic to hurt Lyla and try to remove a chip from her hand that was later revealed as Rubicon another one of Amanda’s secrets. Oliver arrived and saved Lyla from Darkh, using his training and what Fortuna taught him to knock them in separate directions, but when Oliver got up Darkh was already gone , and Lyla was lying helpless on her back. Andy continues to taunt Diggle telling him that as long he was alive Lyla, and Sara would not be safe, so Diggle shot and killed him. Diggle morn the loss of his brother and Oliver tells Felicity that he used her voice and the other team member including Laurel voice to help him temporarily defeat Darkh. Finally, Thea realizes that something wasn’t right after seeing Alex with a bottle of  yellow pills Darhk uses to control people and runs outside to find HIVE soldiers who chase her to leading her to realize that she was trapped in a Doom.

Oh man, what an episode, I have to admit that this was the best episode of the season, it was filled with Action, Drama, Supernatural, love, and deception, you name it the episode had it. The only thing that could have made this episode any better is John Constantine (Matt Ryan) making an appearance himself. I know this might  sound a little evil but I am so happy that Andy is dead when Diggle shot him I stood up in my house and did the Dougie. Oliver and Felicity spend some time together making myself and Olicity fans all over the world very happy. The Arrow writer have set up a very exciting plot for the final three (3) episodes (In the comments tell me what you would like to see in the next three (3) episodes.

1.    Do you think Alex being mind controlled by Ruvé Adams and Darhk or his he a part of their plans?

Here is a video of some of my avorite scene from episode Genesis.