Catch Up Before Tonight's All New Episode #Reign S3 Ep 12 "No Way Out" Recap A.K.A This Is Happening!!!

I know I might have mentioned this a few time, but I am really excited that Reign is back,  no way out had me at “enjoy him but never trust him,” word from Catherine the wise. Mary returns from Rome with approval to raise an army, and she is greeted by Gideon, who immediately ask about the success of her trip. Mary lied to Gideon because she knows he is loyal to Queen Elizabeth. Catherine is on a mission of her own asking Bash relocated Christophe, Bash did as she asked but tells her “stop using me to clean up your personal affair.” The look on Catherine’s face was priceless. With Christophe supposable out of her air Catherine focus on putting on a play. Mary visits Greer and tells her she plans to return to Scotland and invite her to join her, Greer, who continues to hide her pregnancy ask Mary’s permission to stay in France, although disappointed Mary told her she could. Mary leaves the Greer pub and his greeted by Archbishop Ridolfi (Juan Chioran) who orders her to accept Elizabeth offer to name as her successor, with the condition that Elizabeth chooses Mary’s next husband. Mary is hesitant, but the Archbishop Ridolfi tells her of their plan to assassinate Elizabeth and has Mary become queen of England. Mary conflicts with the news and asks Catherine for her advice “that was a bad idea,” Catherine told her that the death of Mary would be the end of her rivalry, but Mary is not willing to let her cousin die. Mary has a much better heart than Elizabeth because if the table were turned, she would have let them killed Mary in a heartbeat. After long consideration, Mary tells Gideon of her approval to raise an army and their impending decision to kill Elizabeth as soon as she name Mary, her successor. Here is where I got confused, that conversation lead to Mary and Gideon having heated sex, I am not sure if there was a point that scene. I know that they have chemistry and Gideon is growing on like it or not, but I think the writer jump way too fast to that level of intimacy between them (what are your thought on that scene?) Nonetheless, this worked out in Mary favor as Gideon killed Elizabeth spy as he was about to write and inform Elizabeth of Mary’s alliance with Rome. Catherine past is coming back to haunt her as usually and the play that she was expecting reveal that she took place in a massacre years early, she demands the play be stopped, but the perpetrator in mask got away. Catherine immediately goes to see Narcisse to confront him, but he seems to be clueless of her accusation (with Narcisse I am not sure what to believe he is a good at acting innocent.) Christopher is still in town and doesn’t seem to plan on leaving in spite of his orders from Bash, (Catherine looks genuinely scared of Christophe, and she has all right to be he is handsome but crazy.) Bash also confronts Catherine about the massacre that he remembers as a child, and she blamed Henry, why not dead man can tell no tales. Catherine questions Mary’s motives with Gideon after she told her that they have sex, but Mary does know what she feels. ( I think she has fallen in love with him, but it from her being so lonely after Francis’s death #RipFrancis) Catherine receives a message from mysterious thirteen red knights who seek revenge for the wrongful execution of thirteen knights (what have Catherine got herself into now?)

Meanwhile, in England Lola continues to gain Elizabeth trust as they head in the outskirt of England to visit Dudley. As Elizabeth was leaving trouble landed on Dudley’s doorstep and Elizabeth realizes how much Dudley is hated in England. After Dudley survives a duel Elizabeth invites him back to court and reinstate him as Earl of Leicester and commands him to sail to France and wed Mary, Dudley begs Elizabeth, not to this, but she explains to him that is the only way she can save his life. Lola reaches out to the heartbroken Elizabeth and opens up about her husband, Narcisse.

1.    Is Mary moving too fast with Gideon?
2.    Do you trust Gideon?
3.    Why do you think Greer has not told Mary of her pregnancy?
4.    Is Lola getting too close to Elizabeth?
5.    Do you think Narcisse is behind the mysterious thirteen red knights?

A video recap of some of my favorite scene.