#ChicagoPD "Justice" Recap And Review

This week’s episode of Chicago PD is the backdrop pilot to the next spinoff series in the Chicago series, Chicago Justice. And this case that brings in PD and Justice together is a case that is too far familiar that we see almost every day.

As we jump in Burgess and Roman make a stop and talk about their relationship as a couple, after the events of last week’s episode. A mysterious person wearing a hoodie walks towards the squad car and starts shooting at Burgess and Roman. Scared and emotional, Burgess gets out and chases the suspect but after the suspect ran a couple of shots at her he disappears but when she spots the person walking pass a car. When she yelled at the suspect, he ran and she shot him. 

The Intelligence unit get there and talks with Burgess through the event that had happen. Al tells her that they couldn’t find that gun anywhere and with that look gets everyone worried and even further that the the person who is prosecuting the case is the man that put Hank Voight to jail, Peter Stone (Phillip Winchester). 

Stone and his team are planning their own investigation. They interviewed the suspect that made a case that Burgess shot the wrong guy and after that it’s another wrongful shooting from a cop. 

The team investigates the suspect’s girlfriend and coworker. The coworker gives them some idea that the suspect had it in for the cops. Later, back at the station, Ruzek finds a photo of the suspect in his girlfriend’s Instagram account holding a gun. And soon a phone call came in from a witness that has video footage of the suspect throwing the gun in the river. But for Stone, the one problem is he motive. As DA Mark Jefferies (Carl Weathers), tells him that they need a motive to convict or else it won’t stick. 

When they went to trail, it felt just like watching Law & Order in Chicago. Even Burgess had to testify and that wasn’t easy as a viewer and a fan. She had gone through a lot from being removed from duty to even have to confront her relationship with Roman. And that scene when Platt tells her that she’s proud of her. I got misty eye right there. 

Everything that Stone throws out there always seems be taken away from the defendant. But after the first day of trail, Stone and the team got something that will give the suspect motive. The suspect lost an uncle that was in prison because of confrontation with another cop. He wanted revenge and taken out on Roman and Burgess. After the trail it went to the jury, the suspect’s attorney tries to make a deal with Stone but doesn’t. But when he talks with Jefferies about it, it’s a deal that has to be made after three days that the jury has been out. Stone agrees but he wanted to get Roman and Burgess’ approval. Roman thinks that if he can sleep better at night the city should too. So Stone leaves and to make that deal.

This was a great backdoor pilot that Chicago series has done, better than Med.  Winchester and Weather’s performance was amazing. These two characters have a prospective of justice. And the first face off between Voight and Stone was chilling awesome. 

And I don’t want to leave out Marina Squerciati, who gave her best performance by far in this episode. From the moment the episode started to the moment it ended, I was literally emotional and supporting for Burgess. 

The writing was great, the cast was amazing. I’m really looking froward to Chicago Justice, whenever it will come next TV season. 

What did you think of the episode? Did you like the cast of Chicago Justice?