#ChicagoPD: "She's Got Us" recap and review.

When the Intelligence Unit take on a murder of a family, the only witness is the youngest child of the family. Can the team find the murderer in time? 

With Roman off duty, probably Burgess too. Erin and Jay take on some overtime patrolling the streets until they get a call of gunshots at a home. As they get there they see a bloody mess. They search around until they see a body move as it was a little girl all covered up in blood. She was underneath her sister and as she stood she fainted. 

Voight and team get there to have a look as Erin goes with the little girl, known as Polly. The team goes from a support cult group Horizon to interviewing a man who knew the victim by advising him to go to Horizon. 

As Erin waits to talk to Polly, Jay comes by to bring her some clothes and to keep her mind off the case, talked about apartments. I would say Jay needs a lot of help, if he enjoys having a toilet next to the stove. 

Soon, Erin gets called from a nurse that Polly as gone off. She runs over there and tries to calm her down and to put the knife on the floor. As soon as she does, nurses comes in and drugs her and takes her to her room, under the order of Dr. Charles. And you know that Erin was totally upset about it, even with the no sleeping and waiting to talk to her. 

Charles finally lets Erin interview Polly. When she does, Polly tells her about house and that she knows the man because she’s seen him at the cabin. Erin looks for the cabin that Polly was talking about and when she found the right one, her, Polly and Jay head over there.

It seems that Voight and Co. are having a little but more fun than Erin and Jay. The get a new suspect,who happens to be a robber at the time of the murders. They get the guy in very cool fashion with Al and Hank, who’s wearing cool sunglasses, spots the guy and puts him in the van back to the House. The guy’s in the cage and Voight and Al bring in a battery with plugs to scare the man. But soon he gives up someone that the team has met, who happens to own $800. 

So they go talking to Gerald, who they met before. He wasn’t home but found gun in his room that happens to be his dad. As soon as Gerald comes back home, he runs off but gets knocked down by Atwater. They interview him and he convinces Voight and Ruzek that he didn’t do it and tells them to check the gun that it hasn’t been used. 

As Erin and Jay get to the cabin the girl looks around and starts to remember the event that she saw the man. They showed her some photos of some suspects but none of them were it. She tells them that he was older with a beard and a red truck with no top. 

At the House, the team found a 911 call that was made twice that had someone describing the red truck and only given three numbers off the licence plates. Mouse found footage and found the truck and ran the numbers. 

They find where the suspect is at, but by the time they get close to the house, the suspect starts shooting at them. Failed to talk him down, they smoked him out and Dawson takes him down with Voight getting the last kick to the face. 

The suspect was a friend of the victim, who happen to own him money but the victim didn’t give him any. But instead gives him a pamphlet of Horizon. 

As soon as they got him, Erin shows the photo of him to Polly and tells her that’s the guy. Polly and Erin talk before her aunt and uncle get there, talking about moving to St. Louis and how Polly enjoys traveling. Its one of those heartwarming/heartbreaking moments you just can’t turn away. 

In the meantime during this episode, Roman has been doing physical therapy and has surgery to get the leftover bullets out of his neck. Well, the department has decline to do that when the doctor sees that its near the spine which will cause a lot of damage after. That really didn’t set well with Roman and decides to ask Burgess if she would go with him to San Diego, CA. She hasn’t given him an answer but I assume that she will in next week’s episode. 

This was a very good episode. I can never get enough of scenes with Voight and Al or Voight and the suspects. It’s like watching theatre. Loved the moments that Erin and Jay got in this episode from talking about apartments to even the toilet near the stove, was a hoot. I just want more and more of their relationship to grow. 

Next week’s episode is the season finale, when Voight and Erin find someone they know in a trunk of a car. Voight goes out of his way to stop and kill whoever has done whatever to….his son. It’s a season finale that all hell will be breaking loose.  Here’s a promo.   

You can catch the season finale of Chicago PD next Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC.