#ChicagoPD: Start Digging (Season Finale) recap and review

The phrase I love to use for any season finale that like this is would be “It’s the season finale where all hell is breaking loose.” That was quote for the season four finale of ER during the final episode of Seinfeld back in 1998. For this season finale, it might as well be that but a 2.0 version. 

For the last few episodes, Voight’s been hearing that his son, Justin, has been in Chicago, without him knowing about it. Now we jump to Voight’s grandson’s first birthday with Justin, his wife and Erin there. Voight gives the kid an old child’s toy of Justin that he has kept. Later on they they talked about his visiting in town without seeing him and Justin responds saying that it’s nothing to get worked about. 

Soon, Voight and Erin get a call of a female gunshot to the head and tied up with barbwire in the trunk of a car. They find the victim’s address and heads over there but no one was home until a sitter came to them with the victim’s son. 

During the investigation, they found that the victim was only helping out home robbers of homes. As they dig in dipper they found a car that matches one of the suspects that they are looking for and as Erin and Voight head out there, what they find wasn’t the suspect at all, but as they opened the trunk, it was Justin, in the same as the previous victim. Boy did Voight turn upset unlike any other. 

Erin and Voight get Justin to Med where things don’t look good as Justin’s brain dead and only on the vent until his wife and Voight call it. Voight told Erin that he wants everyone back at the station, in a voice that I haven’t seen him since he and Casey first met. Just before Voight talked, Antonio tells everyone that if they feel uncomfortable just tell him and he’ll handle it. Voight overhears and gives a speech that if anyone doesn’t feel that they can’t pull a 110 percent than take a couple of days vacation. 

Everyone’s all in and gets word to their CI that they’re money for the whereabouts of the suspect that shot Justin. Word from someone that the suspect has a brother and they unit goes out and takes him. Voight soon gets the whereabouts of the suspect and gives it to the unit for them to get, but by the time they got there the place was empty and no one was there. When Erin gets word, she knows what’s really going on, Voight is taken the guy for himself. 

Voight, who’s at his confession spot in an abandoned factory, awaits his retired buddies for the drop off of the suspect. He takes him and drags him to one spot and cuts him free and tells him to start digging a hole. He starts digging and tells him all this bullshit stuff that Voight doesn’t buy it. Anything he tells Voight, Voight replies to him to keep digging. 

Erin gets there and tries to talk  Voight out of it but when Voight tell Erin to go back, the look on his face was unlike we have ever seen. The eyes, the expression, Voight was gone and knows the one thing that needs to be done. Erin gets back to the car and drives off in tears. Voight hears one more thing from the suspect and as he does, he walks towards him and without seeing what happen, we hear a gun shot as Erin is still driving. 

Voight fills the hole/grave back up with dirt and all is done. I mention this on twitter during the episode that it seems the father has to commit the deadliest sins.   

This episode was flat-out amazing. This was one of Jason Beghe’s best performance so far. He and the writers have really take Voight to a whole new level that maybe he’ll have to suffer from this or not in the next season. This was all Beghe’s episode along with a few good performances from the supporting cast.  I had to take a couple of days to taken in this episode. It was so good that I had to process it all night and during my trip to Chicago the next day. 

Also not to forget, Roman has left the CPD and heading to San Diego. Last week’s episode he asked Burgess to go with him but tells her that she should stay instead. Hey maybe there’s a chance for Burgess and Ruzek to get back? 

I give this episode a 9.5/10 and I give this season a 9/10. 

What did you think of the season finale? Did you like it or not? What do you think will happen in the next season? 

Chicago PD will return this fall Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.