For Better or Worse S5E19: Recap&Review

I don't know about other viewers,  but I am loving Richard and Jennifer as a couple. This couple is like oil and vinegar but fits together perfectly. 

This episode started with the playfulness and beginning stages of love between Richard and Jennifer. On the couch they lay, with Jennifer trying to get Richard to wake up and go home. Who would have known once they stop flirting walking to the door, Keisha would be on the other side of the door.

 Keisha arrives at Jennifer's house and her behavior is extremely strange. Out of nowhere Keisha has had a changed of heart towards Richard. She apologizes to Richard, claims to still love him and apologize for everything she has done. Jennifer's patience is ticking away and she repeatly asks Keisha to leave her home. After repeated attempts of asking nicely, Jennifer escorts Keisha out the door with a nice hair grab and grip. The new found couple wants to know what the hell was up with Keisha and her behavior.

Keisha trying to get Richard back. 

Keisha trying to get Richard back. 

At C Sports, Keisha has another encounter with Richard, while Jennifer is at Angie's Salon telling Angela and Leslie about Keisha poppin up at her house. The ladies wants to get to the bottom of Keisha's games and heads to C Sports.

Due to Keisha's restraining order, Richard is doing his best to stay away from Keisha but Keisha is throwing herself at him. All the  drama Keisha has caused Richard, he wants nothing to do with her. Keisha pulls out all tricks to win Richard back. She wore a dress he loved her in, his favorite perfume on her, use her nicely shape body as a pleasure and her thoughts of thinking Richard isn't really interested in Jennifer. Could Keisha be serious about her change of heart? 

Todd always in the middle of something. 

Todd always in the middle of something. 

Of course she NOT!!!! Richard recieves a letter from his attorney about an old investment. Whatever was in that letter puts Richard straight on the floor?

Todd informs Joseph and Marcus about Keisha and Richard being alone in his office. A few seconds later, Richard enters C Sport break room with Keisha hot on his trail. Keisha wants to continue her private conversation with Richard but she can't always get what she want. She realize that so she makes another attempt to win Richard back in front of Todd, Joesph and Marcus. Joseph, Todd and Marcus is all confuse and wondering what is going on. Richard assures Keisha, he already paid her for being with her, he wants no parts of her anymore. I don't blame him, Keisha took all that man money. She left him broke, broke and more broke.

Jennifer, Angela and Leslie arrives at C Sports to find Keisha body pressed all up on Richard. Jennifer pushed Keisha into Todd. Todd took that chance to feel up on Keisha's boobs. Everyone is so confuse about Keisha change of heart and removing the restraining order.


Richard finally breaks the news to them all. He explains that years ago he invested $80,000 into a company. Keisha didn't want the investment in the divorce because she felt it was worth nothing. The investment turned into a billion dollar company and his $80,000 is now $8.75 million. Explaining why Keisha all of sudden is so nice to Richard after putting that man through hell and leaving him flat broke. Jennifer hit jackpot and has a man with money. She can't believe it. Joseph, Richard, and Marcus has decided to buy Keisha out of C Sports with the assumption, she blew all her money she took from Richard.  Keisha is high maintenance so I agree,  she is broke. 

This season has been halirous. The funny punch lines, the misunderstandings and the new couple makes this show worth watching. Get hip if you haven't been watching For Better or Worse. I assure you, you will be watching in much laughter.


You can catch For Better or Worse on Friday night at 9pm eastern time on Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

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