#Fosters season finale - Kingdom come

The Fosters 4th season premiere is still a few weeks away but its never too early to get excited about an upcoming tv show premiere. The last episode of last season left us with some interesting questions.  The episode starts on a beach and the Adams-Foster clan saying goodbye to one of thier own. a foster kid that was put in an unfit home. The same home that Stefanie Foster rescued Jude and Callie from years prior. This episode has a few stories within the episode, such as this episode we celebrate Brandon’s 18th birthday and a launch party for Callie’s app called fost and found.  Also this episode deals with a harassment claim against a teacher and a student that gets resolved in the beginning of the show. The launch party for fost and found was the main focus of the episode and Callie’s mentor actually had another Agenda and within the finale Callie found out her mentor was lying and at the launch party had to give a speech about the foster system and what her app helped foster kids do. Instead of speaking about the app she spoke about jack and the messed up situation and how he wasn’t lucky because of how other corporations use the foster system to be paired up with the kids. Closing the episode we saw Nick, the boy that is currently with Mariana burning down the warehouse that their production of Romeo and Juliet was put on. We jump to seeing Callie  talking to step and Lena in Lena’s office about the allegations of Callie sleeping with Brandon. She tells them the truth, and then we see Nick pulling up at school parking and pulling a gun wrapped up in a bandana out of the glove box. The episode ends and was a powerful one at that.  

I had another review made earlier today but it was lost in translation. The Fosters premieres on June 20th at 8 pm