#Gotham Season 2 Recap (Spoilers)

This season offered a lot of twists and turns, and its finale did not disappoint.

After Clayface was made to look like Jim, he met the strike team at the gates to call off the raid of Indian Hill.  Sent by Penguin, Barbara went to the police station to talk to Jim but discovered that it was Basil in disguise.  She punched him, distorting his face and revealing his true nature. This led Bullock and Alfred to lead an assault on Indian Hill.

Nygma tried to get answers from Lucius and Bruce, while Strange interrogated Jim.  Strange tells his superior that the trio knew nothing about who actually ran Wayne Industries. Despite this, she orders him to cover his tracks by setting off a bomb, with all of the test subjects, Jim, Bruce, and Lucius trapped inside.  Despite Nygma’s assistance, he too is locked in a cell to die in the bomb blast.

Selena had taken on the role of sidekick to Firefly, which she uses to help free Bruce and the others. This led to a battle of fire and ice between Firefly and Victor Fries. Strange, hit in the crossfire, fears for his monsters and the bomb that will destroy them all.

Fish Mooney had escaped her cell using her new mind control powers. She made her way outside to the bus full of Strange’s monsters but was trapped in the gates as the complex went into lockdown.

Nygma helps to cut the power and open the security gates so that Jim and Lucius can get to where the bomb is located. This allows Fish to drive the bus full of Strange’s   monsters out the gates.

In their desperate attempts to defuse the bomb, ripping wires. Eventually, they are successful in shorting it out when they mistake Miss Peabody’s request for water as instruction on defusing the bomb.

The bus full of monsters tears through the streets of Gotham. A lone GCPD squad car attempts to stop the bus but is destroyed by Penguin and Butch, who are looking to take revenge on Strange. Instead of Strange, though, they find Fish Mooney, leading Penguin to faint and Butch and the gang to run away in terror. Fish flounces away from the crash, leaving the monsters still inside the bus.

A homeless woman, hearing cries for help, opens the bus’s emergency door, freeing a menagerie of horrors. Instead of hurting her, they thank her and make their way into Gotham.  We hear a laugh similar to Jerome’s and see creatures similar to members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery. Bane, Killer Croc, and a boy similar to Bruce Wayne are just a few of these.

I think it is safe to say that Season 3 will feature more on the Court of Owls and introduce us to a lot of new villains and stories.