GRIMM S5 Ep20 "Bad Night" does NOT begin to cover it!

Well, I had made the mistake of complaining about continuity and lack of covering some of the major arcs in the storylines and lookie what happened! Most of it has gotten much better.

Bad Night is a very apt name for this episode, as the question is, for who?  Nick or Hank?  Let’s start with Nick.  He is still at the table with the note that just faded away.  He crumples it up and throws it, then decides to punish one of the dining room chairs and throws it across the room.  He stops and tries to call Hank, but there is no answer.  He thinks for a moment and he ends up racing into the driveway of Rendard’s house.  The convenient thing here is that when Nick tries the door, it is unlocked.  The house is totally empty of people and furnishings.  I guess someone forgot to turn off all those lights though.  Nick is shocked and pissed off and when we see him next, he is knocking on the door at Monrosalee’s house.  Poor Rosalee just got her husband to stop working and head upstairs.  Guess no one can get lucky tonight.

Nick comes rushing in when they answer the door.  He tells them what has happened with Adalind.  He says that Adalind told him that Renard was trying to pressure her and that she was afraid that he would use Diana against her and that he was just at Renard’s house and it was totally empty.  Nick gets very emotional with anger and frustration and tries to push past Monroe who manages to stop him. Rosalee tells him he needs to calm down because anything he does right now can put Kelly in jeopardy. They end up in the kitchen to talk.  Monroe and Rosalee tell him that Black Claw wants him to be irrational and emotional.  They are betting on it so that they can use it against him.  They want him to focus on Renard because if Nick kills Renard, he will definitely not get away with it and Kelly will never be seen again.  On top of that, Adalind works for a top notch wesen law firm and Nick will never win a legal case either.  Rosalee thinks that HW would have much more information on some of these characters than what they could find.  Nick agrees but warns that Black Claw is always watching, especially him, so he will go out the front and leave.  Monroe and Rosalee say they will go out and down the back and meet him at a street down there.

Nick gets followed by two men in a truck.  He stops and quickly goes into the woods. One man goes after him and orders the other to stay put.  The man after Nick comes back a little while later, hops in the car and says he lost him and looks over to find his partner in crime dead.  He freaks and woges just in time for Nick to show up at the window and tell him he is short on time and shoots the wesen point blank. He leaves and picks up Monroe and Rosalee.

At HW, the three are greeted by Trubel.  She says that they have watched as Black Claw is concentrating most of its forces there in the northeast.  Particularly in Portland area.  They come into the control center and are shown a hierarchy that HW has put together.  They do not know who the leader is, but Renard is one of four just under the leader. Nick wants Kelly back and wants to go after Renard.  Miesner advises that would be unwise.  HW knows where he is, yes, but, just like MonRosalee said, they expect him to be irrational and emotional and to fight Renard like that at his house would be suicide.  When the three leave, Trubel tells Miesner that they need to help him.  Miesner says yes, but not with something stupid.  He orders her to stay with him and watch him.

Back at Nick’s place, Trubel shows up and talks with Nick.  She says that whatever he wants to do, she is with him.  He wants Kelly back he reiterates and Trubel is all for it.  She has no problem taking the bastard out. Nick tells her about the note Adalind left for him and that she said she loved him.  Trubel says, “Yeah, it was pretty obvious.” Nick’s phone rings and it is Renard saying they need to talk and to meet on neutral ground, which is his office, in one hour.  Trubel offers to take out Renard right there in the parking lot and Nick need not be involved.  Nick declines the offer because he needs to hear what Renard has to say.

Renard is already at his office when Nick arrives.  Nick of course gives him attitude. Renard tells Nick that he is not his enemy and that sometimes the best way to protect those you love is to let them go.  Nick bites back when he says or kill those who threaten them.  Renard goes on about how the old way has ruined the Wesen world and it is time for a drastic change.  It might be more violent and primitive at first, but that is what is needed. Nick is just amazed that Renard has bought into this whole propaganda crap.  He argues that this is not the way to do it and that Black Claw is a regime that kills any and all wesen that do not agree with them.  Renard simply says that everyone has blood on their hands and that what is happening is a revolution and that revolutions are forged in blood.  Nick asks what about the ones who aren’t Wesen in which Renard says that it depended on them. Nick should join him and Black Claw to prevent major blood shed.  He says to Nick that this is a battle Nick can not win.  Nick pauses and replies “I don’t think there will be any winners in this one.” and walks out.

When Nick arrives back to his paint factory apartment, Trubel asks how it went and Nick tells her how Renard tried to recruit him.  To have Grimms on their side would eliminate their biggest threat.  Nick decided to tell Trubel a secret and goes down in the tunnel and brings up the box.  She is in awe as Nick opens the box, but gives him a look of WTH when he unwraps the stick.  Nick tells her it is much more than a stick. Trubel argues that it looks an awful lot like a stick.  Nick tells her of what happened with Monroe and how it saved and healed him.  Trubel notices that it looks like it was broken off of something else and Nick says they were only able to translate a few words like Miracle, Perilous and Dangerous.  At the last two words, Trubel all but throws the stick back on the table.  She wonders where it gets such magic from.  Nick says it depends what you believe in.  Trubel points out that when it was buried it would have been believed to be the power of God and if that is the case that is HUGE and HEAVY stuff. Nick packages the stick back up and shows Trubel where he has hidden it.  He tells her the only people that know of the stick is Hank, Wu, Monroe, Rosalee and now her.  She agrees that Nick not telling Adalind was a good idea.  Nick says that if anything should ever happen to him that Trubel will be the only one who knows where the stick is hidden.  No pressure there.

That was just Nick’s night.  Hank’s was nearly as interesting.  He, as we know from the end of last episode had gone over to spend quality time with the traitor Zuri.  They are kissing and head to the bedroom when Nick is trying to call Hank about Adalind.  His phone is in his right coat pocket.  Later, while Hank is sleeping, Zuri heads downstairs and greets Tony at the door with Hank’s cell phone. Now some of you may recall him from the creepazoid that suddenly was trying to get money from Rosalee and came into the spice shop.  Rosalee knew him of her bad girl days.  Adalind had broken all 5 fingers on his one hand.  He tells her it may be a while and to just leave the door unlocked.  He goes to his car and proceeds to download all information from Hank’s cell phone onto his laptop. Zuri gets surprised in the bedroom as Hank is awake.  She tells him everything is okay, that she is just cold and went to turn up the heat. They head back to bed.  Later, Tony returns and returns Hank’s cell phone, although in the wrong pocket.  As he is doing so, the door he left open slams shut and he winces.  He tries to sneak out when Hank grabs him and throws him back.  They fight some and Tony woges, but Hank manages to subdue him and render him unconscious. Hank asks if Zuri knows him and of course, she denies it.  He of course takes a minute to find his phone and then calls in the crime.  When asked by Hank if she is okay, Zuri drama queens her way to a hug and comfort from Hank.  When the police show up, Hank says that something doesn’t feel right with Tony and that he broke into her house but failed to take anything.  Hank said he thinks Tony was there for him and he intends to find out if he was.  Zuri heads back inside and Hank is called over to the man’s car.  The car reeks and is dirty and disgusting.  Among drug paraphernalia, drugs and junk, there was a laptop and a dead cat in the trunk.  Oh yea!  Hank says to impound the car and dust it, but he would keep the laptop.  

Adalind had a fun time with Renard and crew too.  She arrives at the house with Kelly in tow.  Renard is there to greet her and she is upset that Diana is not there yet.  Renard says now that she is actually there, they will bring Diana to her.  He is surprised that she brought Kelly.  She says if Nick finds out she is with Renard, he is going to be pissed off.  Renard tells her that he will deal with Nick and he can think about coming after him, but that since Kelly is there, Nick’s options are quite limited.  Diana arrives, of course with Bonaparte nearby, and Adalind greets her and introduces her to Kelly.  Bonaparte pulls Adalind to the side for a moment.  He in his polite but threatening way, tells Adalind that family, her family is very important to them and that he wants to make this work.  She is not impressed.  They hear Diana laughing and see her levitating Kelly.  Adalind comes rushing over and grabs Kelly and informs Diana that is not the best way to pick up a baby and that she thinks it is time for bed.  Renard and Adalind put Diana the creepy child to bed.  They go out into the hall and their hands find their way to each other.  Adalind pulls away in disgust and demands to know why he is doing that.  He claims he is not doing it and they both look to Diana’s room.  Adalind warns that everyone should be on guard with Diana as NO ONE knows how powerful she is.  Renard argues that she is just a little girl.  Adalind comes back with “Do not underestimate little girls.”  Renard follows Adalind to her bedroom and they fight about what his intentions are.  Adalind, by using her powers and a vase, gets Renard out of her bedroom making it clear she wants none of that.

A small shout out to Wu. He didn’t have many scenes this episode.  However there was one where he tries to make himself turn and when he can’t mentally force it, he throws a little tantrum, throwing things around then punching the wall several times.  That works and he changes.  He talks to himself that HE is in control and does several deep breaths on the way back to the bathroom.  Once in there and looking in the mirror, a few more deep breaths and he changes back. The look on his face was euphoria, joy, and a little something crazy like, but he exclaims “I did it!  I did it!”  Good for you Wu!  Seems like you may have a handle on this thing!

The next day doesn’t get much better. Nick and Hank are at the precinct and exchange their bad night stories.  Hank wanted to wait for Nick to come in to interrogate Tony.  Wu has returned to work and tells them of what he did and that it is probably better if he doesn’t sit alone for extended periods of time in his apartment by himself.  Not healthy for the mind. Hank gives Wu the laptop to hack into and see what is on it.  They head off to interrogate Tony, who is a total smart ass and is able to keep his calm and doesn’t woge.  Nick and Hank agree to hold off doing anything else with him until they find out more.  

Nick and Hank meet up with Monroe and Rosalee at the Spice Shop to look at the books and determine what Tony is.  Nick finds the right picture according to Hank who says that is their Tony.  Rosalee is shocked and questions them about Tony.  She says she does know him and tells them about his visit to her previously.  Just then, Wu calls.  He said he found things on the computer but was calling them because of WHAT he found on the computer.  He asks Hank if he has his cell phone and when Hank says yes and goes to get it, Wu tells him “Well, so did he.”  He explains that Tony had Hank’s cell phone at one point and downloaded everything onto the laptop.  Probably a good idea to not use the phone again.  Hank starts thinking about last night and Zuri comes to mind.  Hank becomes convinced that she is in on it and could be working for Black Claw. Time to make her talk.

Their plan works.  Nick pays Zuri a visit and goes around checking doors and looking outside and says that knowing Hank has put her in jeopardy and they are setting up a safe house for her.  She needs to pack for a week and Hank will be picking her up shortly.  She protests, but Nick convinces her.  As soon as he walks out and is in his car, she calls Bonaparte and tells him.  He says that if they do not suspect her, than to play along and pack and go.  What she didn’t know is that Hank was behind her listening.  He confronts her after she is off the phone.  She protests, of course, talking about how they made her do it.  They threatened her and her brother she says.  She does love Hank and places a hand on his chest and tells him she is sorry.  However, she woges and tries to attack him.  The girl can’t fight worth a damn.  Two tries and Hank knocks her out.  

Of course, the mayoral race is going on during all of this crap.  It is actually kind of close at first.  Renard actually looks a little worried while sitting on the couch with Diana and Rachel Wood walking around.  Adalind shows up and Bonaparte pulls her to the side again.  He tries to get her to betray Nick and tell them where he is.  She refuses and he says they WILL find him.  Diana in the meantime glares at Rachel….she obviously despises the woman. 

Back at HW, Zuri wakes up tied to a chair and asks where she is.  Meisner says it doesn’t matter.  Eve tells her there are two roads and she can’t travel both, so which does she choose?  Zuri blurts out the Black Claw creed and Trubel speaks up and says “Oh, she chose the rough road!”  Eve approaches Zuri and says, “So, you don’t want to talk.  Then I guess you won’t be needing your mouth.”  She does that hand over the mouth to seal your mouth trick.  Trubel leans down and tells Zuri it doesn’t get better from here.

Nick and Hank are with Miesner and others in the control room. They are watching the election news that just announced Sean Renard as winner for mayor and by a landslide!  How the hell did that happen!  I want a recount!  It was rigged!  Renard thanks his supporters but says he must thank the love of his life and the mother of HIS children, Adalind.  Adalind pauses and Bonaparte tells her to get up there.  She reluctantly takes her place beside Renard.  Bonaparte receives a phone call.  He asks where did they take HER (meaning Zuri I take it) and do they know where they took her.  They must have said yes, because Bonaparte says that if they know where she is, then they know where to find them and to wait for his phone call.  This is a bad bad omen.

Nick is getting even more pissed when he hears Renard claim them as HIS children.  Only one of those kids is Renards!  Nick makes a fist at his side and silently says to the screen and to Renard, “You’re dead." 


What the hell is up with Renard??  This is a man, who I hated in the beginning, but have grown to like as an ally to Nick.  He was always fighting against the Royals so vehemently.  He is very out of character, because I would not think from all the past years, that he could so easily be swayed to go the way of something like Black Claw.  I am still holding out hope that he is in deep making his way to the top and then taking them down from the inside.  He has betrayed every ally he had, including Miesner!  

The whole family thing for Renard makes no freaking sense.  When someone is running for office, you always see them with their family in pictures, at events, etc.  For him to suddenly have a family seems odd, at least if I was a voter.  What if someone decides to look up the kids?  No birth certificates I believe and the 10 year old really should only be 2 years old!  Can we say Scandal?

I find it hard to believe that Trubel and Nick are the ONLY Grimms on this planet.  I want more to show up to help fight.  A small army of Grimms and hopefully some Wesen allies along with a powerful Eve, they may have a fighting chance.  God only knows what that stick really does.  Maybe it can make Wesen totally human which would suck for the higher ups in Black Claw!  I guess we will have to see and I bet THAT won’t be until next season.

Next weeks recap/ review should prove interesting.  I will try to keep it short as it is a TWO HOUR finale consisting of 2 episodes I believe (21 and 22).

YOUR THOUGHTS on the episode and where things may be headed?