GRIMM S5 Season Finale "Beginning of the End Pt 1 & 2" ...All Hell Breaks Loose

If you are like me, you have been a sucker for punishment when it came to this season so far. Some things got forgotten (like those awesome “zombie” powers and Alexander), things were added, but drawn out way too long and then the flow was off.  However, the last episode (ep 20) and especially this one (actually 2 episodes in one) made up for it.  

All Hell broke loose is an understatement of the year for this finale!  We had not one, not two….but three deaths, but these do not take into account all the dead at Hadrian’s Wall which is now kaput. Diana is as creepy as ever and knows how to kill quite efficiently for her age. Not cool, especially those who she does not like.  Poor Rachel.  LOL!  Sorry, I didn’t like you either you bitch!  Diana kills Rachel in her own bed from afar.  She smothers her with her own sheets and proudly boasts and shows her mother.  Sorry, had to chuckle at that one.  As for the rest of the episode…..Oh, wait….there is more!

While talking to Nick, HW finds Conrad Bonaparte to be the head of Black Claw operations in Portland.  Wait, did I hear them correctly?  Did they say that Bonaparte is a founder of Black Claw?  Geesh!  How old is this guy?

HW’s mistake was bringing Zuri there to question her and not paying attention to being followed, therefore allowing Bonaparte, Renard and crew to effectively get in and kill everyone. Eve and Trubel do have some intriguing interrogation methods though!  Luckily, Eve and Trubel were not there, so they were spared.  However, Meisner was not so lucky.  He goes to call Eve and Renard eggs him on to do so.  Meisner tells Eve that Renard and Black Claw are there and to not return.  When he is off the phone, he turns to find Conrad Bonaparte entering the room and woges.  We know from earlier in the episode that he is a Zauberbiest which I think to be a little more powerful than a Hexenbiest.  He uses this Darth Vader death grip move on Meisner.  Meisner is essentially slowly choked to death and then an added bonus of bleeding out the mouth and eyes.  Renard just stands there and watches his friend die.  Not only that, he shoots Meisner, putting him out of his misery.  Now, was that an act of kindness, or just because he felt left out?  FYI:  What you may not know is that the actor who played Meisner did not know his character was going to die until he got the script.  They were so busy finishing up the last two episodes, he received his script early and found out that way, but they say he took it well, and it is hoped it won’t be the last they see of him.  Nice to hope at least, but I do not see a way to bring him back from the dead.

Where was the gang you ask?  Well, Hank received a call from dispatch telling them police are at his house.  Nick and him arrive to find the two men Nick killed in the truck are there in Hank’s living room.  They are greeted by two not-so-nice detectives who have no empathy, nor want to listen to what Hank has to say.  They just want to cuff him and take him back to their precinct.  The way they act towards Nick and Hank send up red flags for me.  We soon see that they are Black Claw when they pull over in a secluded spot and render Hank unconscious.  Nice…now we have evil cops too.  This of course makes Nick concentrate on getting his partner and friend back and his guard is down . 

Nick makes a visit to the precinct they supposedly took Hank to.  He is met by hostility and then most of the officers there woge.  They “do things differently there” they tell Nick.  Nick is smart and doesn’t start a fight there, but instead walks away.  

He with Trubel and Eve go to HW and find everyone, including Meisner dead.  Trubel makes it clear that there is virtually no one to help them fight this fight anymore.  By this time, I am getting depressed.  I believe I tweeted something that night about….what good is a Grimm, or even two, if everyone is more powerful than them?  It seems Black Claw is unstoppable.

They figure out where Hank is and go in and  kill the two detectives.  Actually, Eve pulls one through the window to the outside and kills him there.  Back at the precinct, they hear applause and see Renard surrounded by their co-workers cheering him on and congratulating him.  Renard looks over and has such a smug smirk on his face you want to reach through the TV screen and smack it off!  Nick is pissed off to say the least about the events so far, that he advances towards Renard’s office when Renard retreats there.  Hank and Wu advise against it highly, but of course, Nick doesn’t listen.  I mean, that would be boring TV right?

Nick lunges at Renard and they fight.  Nick actually is doing fairly well in this, but when they go crashing through one of the windows out onto the main floor, they are broken up and Renard, demands Nick be arrested.  This isn’t boding well for our Grimm dude.  This could cost him his job next season. 

Eve and Trubel tell Hank and Wu that Nick needs to get out of that jail, because Black Claw will be coming for him.  Wu is left there with only a few other officers after a bunch of 911 calls start coming in.  He calls Hank and informs him of what is going on and before he gets a chance to lock up the precinct, a number of officers from the north precinct arrive.  Wu just watches as they head to the jail. When the officers come back with Nick handcuffed in tow, Wu confronts them and falsely tells them he received a phone call from Renard and that the prisoner is not to be moved.  They try to push past Wu, who starts to get angry.  He manages to go all Wu-wolf on them and takes out two, by the time Hank, Trubel and Eve arrive.  "They have Nick!“ he tells them.

They go to the wesen precinct.  Of course, Eve is the first one in and they have no idea who she is.  When the woman behind the desk is not cooperating, Eve gets a little more intense and another officer comes over.  They pull their guns out, but Eve just makes them point them at each other.  "I will ask again.” she says to them.  They finally tell her where he is being held there.

Meanwhile, Nick is secured in a chair for questioning.  Bonaparte is there and says that there is a particular book he is looking for.  They had traced it to an old book dealer in Germany and this book dealer is a relation to someone close to Nick (Monroe).  He knows that the book ended up with Nick.  He wants the book and he will give Nick Kelly in return.  Yeah, right!   Bonaparte does a new trick where he can cause you great pain in your head, but then you are suddenly somewhere normal….at least you think you are.  Kind of like the Djinn on Supernatural.  All seems perfect and normal, but in reality they are sucking your life force dry.

Bonaparte does this to Nick and even makes him think that he is holding Kelly and then Kelly suddenly disappears.  Nick is furious and demands to know what he did with Kelly.  No time for formalities, because now, the Furious Four have arrived.  There is a big shoot out, but they take out every last wesen in that place except for Bonaparte.  I was cheering on Eve when she cornered him.  I laughed when she lifted him and threw him against the ceiling and I cried when she almost had him, but he turned and threw the broken glass at her and she got hit by a big piece and started to bleed out.

They rush Eve, not to a hospital, but to Nick’s house.  Why?  The STICK of course!  Our little wooden friend in all this crap!  However, I have to admit that when Nick placed that piece of wood to Eve, my heart stopped.  I had a weird feeling.  Nah….they wouldn’t do THAT would they?  Eve’s wound heals, but then she goes into convulsions and a seizure like state and passes out.  She wakes up, but is not acting like Eve.  She talks more like Juliette.  Ugh….this is not what our team needs.  Eve was a force to be reckoned with and I was actually starting to like her!

Meanwhile, back at the Happy Camp, Bonaparte comes back and is more mean than normal.  He confronts Adalind.  I should mention that earlier in the episode, he put a ring on Adalind’s finger and petrified….yes, petrified her, for a brief moment, cementing to her who was really in charge and he is not to be messed with.  He also warned her to never take that ring off or it would “be very painful…..for the children.”  This time, he is pissed.  He wants our entire Scooby gang dead….that night.  He is super frustrated with not being able to have a Grimm on his side and that he did not get the book.  He wants Adalind to tell him where Nick lives.  She refuses at first, but he has no patience and with Renard looking on, he does his death grip on her.  I was actually surprised she gave in so quickly.  So, Black Claw now knows where Nick is.  Awesome.

Adalind makes up for that rather quickly.  Diana gets a few points here as well.  Adalind asks her to astral project to Nick and the gang and to let them know that Black Claw knows where he lives and she is sorry.  The look on Trubel’s face is priceless when she sees Diana, but they get the message.  Monroe and Rosalee are there as they were being constantly watched by Black Claw too and they had to hide all the books and other things so that Black Claw would not get them. Safer in numbers, right?  Monroe goes with Trubel to keep watch.  It doesn’t take long for BC to show up from more than one direction.  Nick comes up with a plan - everyone into the tunnels.  I like this plan.  I want to know where these tunnels go and I like to think they are actually a secret Grimm stronghold!  

Everyone goes into the tunnels, but Nick has to get Eve/Juliette.  He gets her down into the tunnels,but Black Claw is advancing, so he tells them to go on.  Trubel of course doesn’t like the idea of leaving him behind, but Monroe convinces her that if something happens to Nick, they need her to be alive to help come back and kick some Black Claw ass.  Sounds good to me!

Nick is greeted by a lot of gunfire.  I believe I said at some point, “Doesn’t anyone fight old school anymore?”  at which point the ammo is spent and fists fly.  His stove is used as a battering ram a couple of times. Nice touch!  Nick manages to take out the entire squad, but the best part is that one last one manages to shoot Nick.  Of course you can hear the entire fandom scream “NO!!!!”  However I quickly remember Nick putting our little wooden friend The Stick in his inside jacket pocket.  So the wesen calls Bonaparte and tells him it is done and suddenly turns around to see Nick standing there who promptly kills him. YES!

Of course it isn’t done yet!  The elevator opens and it is Bonaparte and Renard.  Bonaparte is threatening Nick. I can’t even remember what is said exactly, because I wanted Nick to pull out the stick and shove it in Bonaparte’s eye and see what happens!  What happens next was a shocker, but Diana got even more points.  She takes the male horror show doll and shoves a pin in it.  What is seen from the other side is Bonaparte, about to do his death grip on Nick suddenly stops and has a look of shock on his face.  Renard pulls out the sword he just shoved through Bonaparte and looks at it, utterly perplexed.  Ummmm….no….don’t fall for that Nick!  Renard is not getting back in that easy!

Meanwhile, down in the tunnel of love, Trubel and Eve/Juliette decide to stay behind at a certain point because it gave them an advantage in case they are followed.  Monroe and Rosalee continue on to see if they can find a way out.  They find a barred area with light coming through, but can’t get through the bars.  Monroe says they will have to find another way around when Rosalee blurts out she is pregnant. We had seen she wasn’t feeling well earlier and then the view of a pregnancy test.  YAY!!  Long overdue, however, she is concerned about having a baby in this war and if Black Claw should win, then what kind of world would that be to raise a child.  Monroe could care less……he is utterly ecstatic.  Good for him!  I can’t wait to see what a mix of these two wesen looks like! 

Renard….let’s discuss him for a minute.  He is dead to me.  There is nothing they could do to make me like this man again.  I hated the man in the beginning.  Didn’t trust him at all and I guess there was reason behind it. However, he started to help Nick more and more and I started to like him some, but no.  EVEN if the writer’s prove my previous theory of him working deep cover within Black Claw comes true, he has hurt too many people, has too much blood on his hands and has burned too many bridges to get any sympathy from me.  When he helped to kill Meisner, that showed where his true allegiance was and it wasn’t with our gang!  He has an arrogant, cocky attitude and it almost becomes unbearable.  He and Adalind almost sleep together and when she stops him he is clueless and she tries to make him see that it was Diana making them do that (Yeah, with two dolls as creepy as she is).  He doesn’t see that and denies that it is possible.  Really dude? Like Adalind said….did you think she thought you were the hottest guy on earth and suddenly wanted you in bed? His reply to this was that attitude to a “T”.  "But, I AM the new mayor!“  Nope….doesn’t make a difference as Adalind slams the door shut….again.

Black Claw is a major pain in the ass. They seem like they are unstoppable, but everything has a weakness, however, we just don’t know what theirs is yet.  Maybe by Bonaparte dying, it will throw a major wrench into things. However, this could go another way (or two).  Example #1: Bonaparte is NOT really dead.  Example #2: The next in line for control is someone on the same tier as Renard.  Renard could become the next one in charge and that could go in all sorts of hellish directions!  They are in everything and you start to doubt that 5-7 people (7 if you want to include Adalind and Diana) could save the world from Black Claw.  We will just have to wait and see.

WOW!  It was an amazing finale and I am pretty darn pleased with it.  Hopefully, the numbers were way up and the writers learn a lesson.  You have to keep it interesting and action packed and keep up with things with in the story line and it will be good!  We will have to wait and see if they take heed, especially since they are only getting 13 episodes instead of 22 next season.  I hope they revisit past episodes and bring back things that got forgotten.  One thing they can leave behind is that creepy Black Claw boarding school.  We don’t need that……….

What do you hope for next season?  Is there anything or anyone from the past (like Nick’s extra powers from the zombie dude) that you think should be revisited that might prove beneficial in all the Black Claw mess?