hello, and welcome to everything that is GUILT

Guilt is an all new show that is premiering on June 13th. Being guilty can be interpreted in many ways, such as you helped commit a crime, and or covering up all that you did or didn’t contribute to.  In the new show Guilt, there is only one question that comes to mind, its not who murdered Molly Ryan but what factors contributed to the wrongdoing. Now while this is a new show and while we haven’t even seen the pilot episode, the promos for the show makes me think of another show that freeform tried but got canceled after the first season. while I’m sure some of you will probably disagree since we haven’t even seen the pilot episode, this is my first thought on this new series Guilt. Its TWISTED 2.0

The new show Guilt has an outstanding cast that you might recognize from movies and t.v. shows…  GUILT stars Billy Zane (“Titanic”), Daisy Head (“The Syndicate”), Emily Tremaine (“Vinyl”), Cristian Solimeno (“Rush”), Naomi Ryan (“Guardians of the Galaxy”), Kevin Ryan (“Copper”), Simona Brown (“The Casual Vacancy”), Zachary Fall (“Crossing Lines”) and newcomer Sam Cassidy.  

now you remember the show twisted? it was about this kid named Danny Desieewho was blamed for the murder of a family member and then was sent to juvie and when he got out many years later, there was another mystery to solve and that wasfinding the killer of a classmate named Regina. While the show continued each week there was new questions and new clues to put the pieces together.

I hope this show is as great of a mystery that Pretty little liars has been and that everyone enjoys the show!  I will be posting some pictures and videos of the show as soon as I figure out how to do that.