#Legends of Tomorrow S1 Finale Brings In Patrick J. Adams of Suits For Mystery Role

Sources reveal that Suits actor Patrick J. Adams has been cast as a “fun character the fans will love”. No details have been released as to who this character is, but he is due to show up in the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow and the season premiere of season 2. The character could very well continue to appear throughout the shows second season.¬†Rumors and speculation point to the character being Booster Gold, a time traveling hero from the future. In the comics Michael Jon Carter, aka Booster Gold, is from the 25th century and returned to the 21st century to be a superhero. He is also Rip Hunters father, though there is no guarantee that this is the route the show runners will take. We will know for sure who Adams will be potraying during the season’s final episode, scheduled to air on May 19th.



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