Negan appearance in the comic book changes everything for Rick & the Alexandrians, Who will be Negan's first victim On Screen? #TheWalkingDead

Over the seasons, The Walking Dead TV Show has had both slight and significant changes from the comic book, and so far there has been good ones and bad ones. Some changes that we have learned to accept and some we still argue about today, but Negan arrival in the comic was disastrous for the reader who love Glenn and Maggie. However, since there are a few Character on the show that is not in the comic, it is possible that the writer might kill one of them instead of Glenn which we make us personally happy. 

Spoiler Alert for All the Non-Comic Book Readers:

In the comic Negan and his many surviving Saviors lines up the Alexandrians including Rick, and Negan told them someone had to pay for killing his men and he chose Glenn and brutally murdered him in front of Rick and Maggie by bashing his head in with Lucille “a baseball bat covered in barbed wire.” However, what scared us the most is that since the group arrived at Alexandria, things are in line with the Comic book. Therefore, leads to Glenn being the first one to witness Negan’s brutality.

At this point after Sunday’s raid, we can assume that the Saviors will want to get even with Alexandria. There has been a lot of speculation that there will be two major deaths instead of one.

Another possibility is Carol because in the comic Carol dies by committing suicide, but she was also not as strong as she is on the TV show so we do not think death by suicide is how Carol will die, but death by the Saviors or  Negan is much more likely “Should be worried?”

We know Negan will kill someone during the finale (a BIG kill). Someone will die in front of Rick. If the show plays it the same way as the comic book, it’s Glenn (which we hope is not the case).

Either way, get your tissue’s ready because there is one thing’s for certain: This is going to be epic TWD season finale.

(In the comment box tell me which character you will miss the least if they die)

Some main character that might find their faith coming to an end this season:











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