On Wednesday, CBS presented it Upfront for the 2016-2017 season with the advertisers. 

The big news out of this would be that there will be eight comedies on the network as they are restarting their signature Monday comedy block, with the return of Kevin James’ new series “Kevin Can Wait.” This will be James’ return to the network on Mondays at 8 pm slot where King of Queens spent most of it’s 9 year run. James will be joining with Matt LeBlanc and his new sitcom “Man with a Plan." 

After CBS scaled back on their Monday comedy block to one hour two years ago and getting way with it all of last season, the network is re-expanding it in a major way with the return of the two-hour block. 

Like this isn’t new, CBS is using it’s strongest shows to launch new shows. The network’s #1 drama, NCIS, will be used as the launching pad for Bull, who’s stars by the departed NCIS co-star Michael Weatherly. So I guess he’s departure didn’t really need to be that big since he’s coming right back. TO make room for Bull (no pun intended) NCIS: New Orleans will be moving to 10 pm.

With CBS top comedy The Big Bang Theory will help launch fellow ensemble multi-camera comedy The Great Indoors, starring Joel McHale.

Here’s the CBS Fall 2016-2017 schedule:


8pm The Big Bnag Theory

8:30pm Kevin Can Wait

8pm Kevin Can Wait (NEW)

8:30pm Man With a Plan (NEW)

9pm 2 Broke Girls

9:30pm The Odd Couple

10pm Scorpion


8pm NCIS

9pm Bull (NEW)

10pm NCIS: New Orleans


8pm Survivor

9pm Criminal Minds

10pm Code Black


8pm NFL Thursday Night Football (Premieres Sept. 15)

5pm PT

8pm The Big Bang Theory (Oct. 27th)

8:30pm The Great Indoors (Starting Oct. 27th) (NEW)

9pm Mom (starting Oct. 27th)

9:30pm Life in Pieces (Starting Oct. 27th)

10pm Pure Genius (Starting Oct. 27th) (NEW)


8pm MacGyver (NEW)

9pm Hawaii Five-O

10pm Blue Bloods


8pm Crimetime Saturday

9pm Crimetime Staturday

10pm 48 Hours


7pm 60 Minutes

8pm NCIS: Los Angeles

9pm Madam Secretary

10pm Elementary


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