Orphan Chat: #OrphanBlack S4 Ep8 "The Redesign of Natural Objects" Recap and Review

It’s just another day in clone club: blindsides, music numbers, and torture.

The episode opens with Donnie in prison. In a show with its fair share of characters like Helena and Mrs. S’s who are fully capable of some major ass-kicking, Donnie is probably the least qualified character to survive prison. This has the promise for comedy to ensue. Except-uhoh-enters Neolution. Nice twist, adding a Neolution plant in prison. At least Donnie’s hair has remained perfectly quiffed through his stay so far. 

Now on to Rachel and her glitches. It must be a red herring how they keep calling Rachel’s visions glitches like how castors glitch because I don’t think those are the same thing.

In this episode, we get to see a lot of teamwork. Ira and Rachel are starting to bond over their mutual desire to not die via clone disease. And I have to say that strangely I LOVE their relationship and hope to see more interactions. There is an impressive balance knowing that they both were raised self-aware but by different Duncans. Even more on the teamwork front, we got to say “Yo” to the Susan Duncan clan working with clone club which is a fun new direction, and I can’t wait to see more wonderful interactions between Rachel and Cosima, a clone pair we have rarely gotten to see interact.

Continuing on the Cosima front, our favorite geek monkey is still trying desperately to find Delphine with renewed hope that she is still out there. Personally, I hope Delphine is dead and yes I love Cophine- but I have my reasons for wanting a dead Delphine, but that’s a rant for a different day.

Meanwhile, Shioban was to kill Mr “Glasses” Duko. Not like Glasses doesn’t deserve it, what with killing Kendall and crashing Gemma Hendrick’s adorable bday party. Too bad Duko wasn’t a smart enough player and got cornered by clone club in the comic book store (with a gun).

Later in the episode, we get one of those incredible scenes that only OB can bring us: Allison singing Cu with Donny getting beat up was wonderfully edited together mixing moments like that is something this show is phenomenal.

Speaking of Allison, this episode saw her growing closer to the Reverend. How long will it take for the Reverend to try ultimately to make a move with Allison? At this point either he is resolution (or something greater, make next season’s big bad?) or he wants to bone her. Either way, he does have really trustworthy blue eyes. Sure he might just want to help her find God but c'mon, this is Orphan Black, no one has straightforward intentions.

Quotable moment:
“It’s about family”–The next time someone asks me what the show is about after I recommend it to them, hopefully without getting a shot right after saying it, though.