#Reign “Safe Passage” Recap Aka “Going Home For The First Time In Forever”

The episode starts off where it left off, and Catherine and Charles have gathered the trusted advisers, Bash, Mary, and Narcisse to help with the massacre that happens at dinner orchestrated by the Red Knights. They debate what to do and how they would explain it to their army, and Narcisse is a bit frustrated that he got injured fight to procure payment for them, and now they are dead. Narcisse suggested that they bury the bodies away on one of his lands, and Catherine and Charles agree. Mary suggested that they get their story straight and be on the same page is a question.  Catherine tells Bash to pay off the servants that were working and tell them to keep their mouths shut or she will have their head “my-my Catherine that just cold.” In light of what happen Mary had decline Bash offer to accompany her to Scotland and she suggests he stays back to protect Claude and Charles. Mary considers staying to help Catherine with the Red Knight, but Catherine told her to go home because she has it all under control. Charles has brought Delphine back to court as a seer to help and flush out the Red Knight, who or inside the castle. Bash see Delphine for the first, and he was both shocked and surprised. Delphine tells Bash that she is feeling better now, and she is healed, and proposed that they picked up where they left off as he a promise to wait for her, but she immediately gets that Bash heart now belongs to some else “Bash’s heart was never Delphine’s to begin with.” She understands and is will to let him move on.

Mary is called to Narcisse chambers where he gives her a letter from Lola but not before telling her how disappointed he was that his wife has not sent him a letter even though he had sent her numerous letters. Lola informs Mary of a week that would be safe for traveling to Scotland after overhearing Elizabeth and one of her men talking “it is such a relief to see that Lola is still team Mary, I was a concern.” The letter arrived late meaning Mary has to leave right away, but with everything going on she is questioning whether or not to go and Narcisse’s guilt speak didn’t help. Narcisse questions Mary on her lack of effort to bring his wife back, and Mary assures him that she has a plan on a place to get Lola out of England. Narcisse doesn’t trust Mary word or plan to protect Lola when Elizabeth learn of her arrival in Scotland. 

The massacre is revealed when the Generals head was put on a stake and hanged from the roof from the castle causing the defenders of the General’s to rise against Catherine and Charles. Delphine tells Bash that the black heart killer is in the castle, and she felt him choking someone last night, but it was consensual, and that same person is also protecting him. Delphine is a killer late by Christophe when she recognizes the darkness in him; she is found, and Bash is heartbroken and on a mission to find her killer. Bash discovers that Christophe was the killer after see the strangulation marks on Catherine’s neck, and she told him that it was consensual. Bash confronts Christophe, who admits to the killing and confesses that Catherine knew and that he blackmailed her with the secret about her orchestrating Claude abuse, which leads to her becoming Lord Chancellor. Christophe also told Bash where he hid the letter he used to blackmail Catherine and Bash kills him “ding-dong the Christophe’s dead.”

Mary gets ready to leave for Scotland, and Bash gave her a gift that Francis had given him to give her whenever she was returning home to Scotland. Mary took the gift and told Bash she was not ready to open it, Mary and Bash says goodbye “you know I was crying.” Before getting on the ship, Mary opens Francis’s gift, and she found a sword accompanied by a letter which read “My dearest Mary, if you are reading this, then you are leaving France to reclaim your Scottish throne. I always knew this day would come, and I wish I could be by your side as you set sail to take back what is yours. In the darkest of time, you were my conscience, your heart was light Mary, and it burns so very bright for France. No matter how far you go, that light with burn forever. I have left you a gift, something I made for you to fight for what is yours and for what you know in your heart is right. I love you, Mary Stuart, forever.” (My tear was just running like a river, I felt like I went through Francis’s death all over again.) This letter was the inspiration Mary needed, and she ordered her arm to go back with her to help Catherine fight if needs are. When Mary arrived at the hill facing the cast, the General defenders army was outside the castle gate demanding Catherine turn herself over. Mary rode to the gate of the castle and ordered the man in charge to order his men to stand down tell the men that Queen Catherine was innocent and that a secret fraction is working against her and seek to frame her and plunge the realm into chaos. Showing the soldiers that if they turned against Catherine, they also turn against her they turn against France and she would fight them like she would fight anyone who tries to hurt France. The soldiers retreated, and Charles tells Catherine that Mary just saved her life. 

Bash confronts Catherine with the information he received from Christophe and is angry at her for protecting him after knowing that he is a killer. Bash puts everything together and realizes that Catherine has also killed his mother and asks her, and she confesses. He expresses his disappointment in her for having Claude beaten to win the Regency and resigns as Deputy of France. Charles and Claude learn how Catherine earned her Regency and showed their disappointment. Narcisse tells Catherine he is leaving England to for his wife after an inspirational speech from Mary. Narcisse asks Mary for a ride on her ship. Bash tells Mary that he can no longer stay in France and that he want to accompany her to Scotland as someone she can trust.

Back in England Lola meets with Gideon, who tells her of his promise to Mary get her safe passage out of England. Elizabeth ask Lola for, and her advice and she gave her great ones, and Lola sees that Elizabeth is starting to trust her and plans to use it to help Mary. However after telling Gideon of her letter to Mary and he encourages her to move to leave as soon as possible before she becomes Elizabeth prisoner. 

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