#Reign Season 3 Ep. 16 “Clans” Aka “Home Is In the Heart” Recap and Review

The episode follows Mary arrival on Scottish soil; Mary may not have Elizabeth troops to deal with, but mother natural had other plans for her.  The storm sinks Mary ship and half the soldiers that were accompanying her drowned and the surviving soldier that wasn’t killed by the local clan the McFee rode away. Mary wakes up and softly calls for help only to look around to that they were not there to hell but were killing the survivor. Mary searches for a weapon to protect herself, but she is still weak from being in the rough water, Mary hides and Narcisse came up behind her holding her mouth in his hand telling her to be quite are they would be next. Mary asks for Bash and but Narcisse told her he hasn’t seen him, Mary and Narcisse heard one of the man yells; there is still on man alive. when they look back it was Bash. Mary tells Narcisse that she is not leaving without Bash, and he asks for her sword, but she said she lost it “oh man Francis made her that sword I hope she finds it eventually.” Narcisse tells Mary they had to go because there was nothing they can do for Bash without a weapon, as Mary looks on helplessly as they were about to kill Bash, a group of druidsroad up and the men rode away. 

The druids take Bash away to treat him, and Mary and Narcisse followed them. As they were following them, Narcisse tells Mary that she knows nothing of her country, and it was broken and devasted after being ripped apart by France and England. Narcisse made reference to how they treated foreigner and she told him that she was not a foreigner, but she was a Scot, Narcisse told her that while she has been thinking of Scotland, it was not in her soul. They watched until most of the druids left they camp to ensure Bash was alive. Narcisse told Mary that he has the identity of a brother and sister, so they are now siblings, they are accepted by the druids and watch as they healed Bash, once Bash was treated Narcisse say goodbye to Mary after he sees that Bash was going to be alright. As Mary and Bash plan they next step as he continues to heal the McFee clan attack and slaughters the druids, and Bash could help because he was still healing. Mary and Bash dress up as merchants and tides themselves up to look like there are survivors of the crash held hostage. Mary and Bash had no choice but to travel with the McFee clan, as they set off Mary notice a symbol which she has seen before and put it together that they are part of the group who attacked and killed, Francis. Mary discusses her plans with Bash to meet their leader and take revenge for France’s murder.  

Back at France court, Claude is still mad at Catherine for her arrangement that got her the regency; Catherine continues to apologize, telling them they may hate her but Narcisse had to go. Catherine told them they needed to keep their destain quiet as the Red Knights would love nothing more than to see their family fractured. Charles asks Catherine of her plan to apprehend the Red Knight, and she explains that they are unlike any other enemy that they have faced because she doesn’t know how much of them they are or who their leader, and all they knew was their agenda which to discredit and Destroy them. She explains that her strategy is to gather information on them quietly and learn their next move and catch them in the act. Charles tells his mother that sitting and waiting is no a strategy, and they needed a plan of action. Catherine tells them that her plan will not be questioned and that she was their leader, and she orders them to stay safely inside the walls of the castle until the Red Knight are brought to justice.

As Catherine leave the room, Claude asks Charles if he couldn’t just lock her up with the proof they had, and Charles explains that he couldn’t because he would them look gullible because he was the one who emphases that Narcisse is removed, and Catherine is installed.  King Charles tells Claude of his plan to remove Catherine as Regent and get rid of the Regency overall. He tells his sister that the Privy Council have the power to declare him of age, and one he has taken down the Red Knight they will have no choice but to see him fit to run the country.  Charles gathers his friend and pretends to play as he gathered information on the Red Knight, one of the men provide some intel and Claude recruits, Leith to help, although he was hesitant at first Charles and Claude use his love for her against him. Leith and Charles followed the information that was given to him by his friend and finds a shed filled with gunpowder and other material that could be useful in a war. Charles and Leith make a plan to return with some soldiers and destroy all their weapon. The night of the mission, Charles gather his friends while Leith has the Soldiers hiding, so when the Red Knight see the fight and come running, they could attack. The light the sting heading to the gunpowder, but notices that it was exploding, and one of Charles friends when it, and got trapped but was saved but Leith. In the end, Charles found out that his friend and feed him false information to set him up and that he was a part of the Red Knight.  Charles is taken by the Red Knights. 

Meanwhile in England, Elizabeth and Lola entertain the Prince of Denmark (Kyle Gatehouse), a potential suitor for Elizabeth. The Prince was not what Elizabeth expected, and they got off to a rough start, but Lola tries to teach Elizabeth out to be nicer to the Prince. Elizabeth prepares a popular game from Denmark and invites the Prince to play, and Lola encourages her to lose the game to him for the sake of his ego. Although hesitant Elizabeth takes Lola advice and Elizabeth continues to entertain the Prince. After them games was over Elizabeth invites the prince and his royal guard who is entertained by Lola to dinner, but the Prince is not a humble man and said something belittling to Elizabeth about England and she excuse herself from the table. Lola follows her and as she rants to Lola the Prince overheard and took offense and decided he was leaving and to avoid international mishap Lola’s thinks quickly and took the blame telling him that she was the one who was ranting. Elizabeth confronts Lola about her loyalty to Mart after learning that Mary was on her way to Scotland, and her ship had sunk and Mary is believed to be dead. Elizabeth tells Lola that she doesn’t blame her for being loyal to Mary and invites her to join English court permanently. 

I must say this was a fantastic episode; I already love the three plots. I am concern about Charles, but I think both him and Claude needs to learn that Catherine may be conniving and rootless, but she knows what is best for and them and France. I am anxious to see how Claude will explain to Catherine that she made her younger brother go out into the night to fight an unknown group of rootless men. What does this mean for Leith and Claude?, I am not a big of fan their relationship, I don’t see the chemistry he had with Greer. I was relieved that Bash was ok, I was a little concern that they were going to kill him off because I know he is supposed to be in another series “Still Star-Crossed” as a series regular. I am glad they are together although I am scared him and Mary as they travel with Clan McFee knowing that they hate the Queen to Scots, and they was also responsible for killing France. As for Lola, I think she will accept Elizabeth’s offer until Narcisse arrives and tells her that Mary is not dead, or she wasn’t dead when he left her in the care of Bash.  An overall best episode of the season and I love that they are building a plot for season 4 and possible season 5.

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•Should Mary reveal herself as the Queen of Scots to the Clan McFee to get closer to their leader?
•Are you rooting for Lola and Narcisse?
•What do you think the Red Knight will do to Charles?