#Reign "Strange Bedfellows" Recap Aka The Turning Point

Mary has agreed to honor her cousin Elizabeth arrangement and marry Robert Dudley. Robert and Mary spend time together, and he official proposed to her, and she accepts only the later have a rondevu with Gideon. When Gideon was leaving Mary’s quarters, he runs in Robert, who tells in that his mission has changed, and he is no longer to see Mary as they are engaged to be married. Mary has put it together that the Vatican ultimate goal is to replace her with her distant Catholic cousin, Joseph Tudor. Gideon is arrested by Archbishop Ridolfi after kidnaps Joseph in an attempt to expose their plot to assassinate Elizabeth, so Gideon tells Robert of their plan and sends him to warn Elizabeth. King Charles confronts Catherine about her part in the killing of the Red Knights, telling her that he can’t have her past sins affecting his reign, which she told him that the vendetta is against her, and she would handle it. With the help of Bash and Christophe, Catherine learns that the Red Knights are a movement intending to destroy the House of Valois, and also behind the attempt to frame her for poisoning Francis.

After Bash returns with one of the suspects, Catherine and Christophe torched him for information learning that the movement will stop at nothing until they take down the House of Valois. Catherine reconciles with Narcisse in her preparation to fight back against the Red Knights movement. Greer turns to Leith for help after she receives a letter blackmailing about exposing her pregnancy. Leith learning of Greer’s pregnancy changed his plans with Claude, but with her persistence he told her of Greer situation, and she decided to help. Claude and Leith uncover the blackmailer who turns out to be Greer’s brother-in-law and her sister, who plan to use the money to take the baby away once he or she is born. After learning this Greer decides to raise the baby on her own and breaks ties with her sister and brother-in-law because of their deceit. Claude offers to help financially Leith start a new business, and he accepts. Mary says goodbye to Gideon after Catherine barging to trade him to Elizabeth for her brother who she hopes will be of her assistance in stopping the Red Knights.

Meanwhile, Robert returns to England with Joseph and is hailed a hero. Elizabeth executes Joseph and declares that she will not have a successor, but the person most worthy of the crown after she dies with succeeding her. Robert and Mary’s engagement is canceled, and he convinces Elizabeth to accept Catherine’s offer to trade Gideon for her brother, telling her that Gideon was the one who uncovered the Vatican’s plot against her and that he stayed true to his ambassador duties and protected her a the realm.  Elizabeth was hesitant asking Robert, which would hurt more knowing that the person you love will die or know that they are alive, but you can’t have them. Robert told her knowing that they are alive, and you can have them, and Elizabeth accepted in hopes to break her cousin’s heart. 

Let is know what you think:
• Do you think it is Smart of Catherine to work with Christophe?
• Should Catherine Thrust Narcisse?
•  Are you glad Gideon is leaving?
•  Is Greer doing the right think keeping that baby?