Supernatural "Don't Call Me Shurley" -- Chuck Returns!

Recap: Metatron is called up to go see God in the “safest place ever created,” who he does not realize is, in fact, God. Chuck wants Metatron to help edit his new autobiography. Metatron confronts Chuck about why he wants to write the autobiography  and accuses of Chuck of being a coward and hiding from Amara. Chuck reveals that he isn’t hiding, but rather he is done with the corruption of his creation and has given up on them. 

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean investigate a death where a seemingly normal man snapped. They find that Amara is again sending fog to infect people and “mirror” the darkness. A fog rolls into town and infects almost everyone. Sam and Dean barricade themselves inside the police station with the sheriff and a small group of civilians. Fog leeks in and infects Sam, and the rest of the people. Only Dean is left untouched. 

Metatron makes a convincing case to Chuck as to why he should care and pleads for him to do something about Amara. Chuck writes a new chapter for his autobiography and in Sam’s pocket, the samulet begins to glow, a sign of God’s presence. The fog is lifted and the infection disappears and its effects are undone. At last, Chuck reveals himself to Sam and Dean, and tels them it’s time they had a chat. 

Thoughts: For those of us who still hate Metatron, this is an interesting development, seeing as he may have just saved everyone by convincing Chuck not to give up on his creation. This was a good episode to move forward the overarching plot, but probably not one to be rewatched a lot like “Fan Fiction” or “Dog Dean Afternoon.”


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