#Supernatural Season Finale "Alpha and Omega" Recap

When the first thing you hear is Kansas’s “Carry on my Wayward Son” you know you’re about to hop on a roller coaster of feels. 

The episode starts off on a high note, with Cas regaining control of his vessel, and everyone walking away from Amara’s counter attack in the previous episode (except for Lucifer). The mood quickly turns foul with Chuck dying and all options seemingly exhausted. The group turns to sitting around, drinking, and reminiscing. Then Sam steps in and convinces the group to look for a way to kill Amara. With all their heads put together, the team works out a plan to collect souls in order for Rowena to build a bomb that could possibly destroy Amara. 

The boys hit up a well haunted abandoned asylum and suck up some ghosts, while Crowley raids hell and Cas petition the angels. Crowley and Cas come up empty, but Billie the Reaper shows up just in time to offer a little help. With her power, the souls come swarming to the crystal that Rowena provides. 

Meanwhile, Amara begins to realize the impact of her actions while talking to a little old lady feeding pigeons at the park. 

Once the souls are gathered, Rowena reveals that the bomb she is building will need to be inside Dean, who will then set it off by pressing his fingers together. Dean lays out his funeral plans and tries to invoke his “no chick flicks” mantra, only to admit that he does, in fact, love them. 

The team gathers in a closed bar to wait it out while Dean confronts Amara. She reveals that it’s not her who broke the sun, but Chuck’s slow death that is tipping the scale. Without him, she, too, will cease to exist. In desperation, Dean begs her to find another way. So she summons Chuck. They talk, and for perhaps the first time in Supernatural history, the Big Bad Villain admits that maybe their plan wasn’t such a great idea after all. Chuck and Amara reconcile, and they use their power to heal Chuck, and so restore balance to the world. Together, they set off to spend more time together working out their problems. 

Miles away, the rest of the team see the change in the light and assumes that Dean has set off his bomb. Sam and Cas return to the bunker where they encounter a woman from the London chapter of the Men of Letters who sends Cas off and then explains that she was sent to bring in the Winchesters for all the trouble they’ve caused. Sam tries to call her bluff, but she pulls the trigger anyway, leaving us wondering whether he has been shot, and if he’ll be okay. 

Dean leaves behind the park where he met with Chuck and Amara and wanders through the woods wondering where he is. He hears a voice calling for help and finds his mother, presumable a gift from Amara. 

This was quite the twist ending. Given the Winchester’s past record of mass destruction, I honestly expected that Dean would be forced to set off the bomb. This simple resolution was a very refreshing turn of events and the best possible way to end the season in my opinion. 

The last few minutes open up some interesting possibilities for season 12. With Mary back, its possible that the  boys could have another hand to help them out hunting. If Mary ends up as a recurring character, it’s possible that she could play some sort of role similar to Bobby. Also, the world of hunters has just gone international, with the revelation of the existence of the London Men of Letters, who have modernized to allow women and apparently are attempting to take a more active role in events. 

We are also left wondering if Sam is alright. Personally, both Winchester have died and come back so many times that I’m hardly concerned for his safety, although it is an interesting twist. I was expecting to end the season missing Dean and wondering how he’d come back, not wondering about Sam. There is, of course, the possibility that he is only injured, and instead next season will start off with Mary and Dean contending with the Men of Letters to let him off the hook. I’m super excited for season twelve to find out!


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