Supernatural "We Happy Few"-- Recap and Review

If you missed this weeks episode, go watch it online! You do not want to miss Sam and Dean playing Dr. Phil in order to reconcile Lucifer and Chuck, Rowena threatens to turn Sam into an actual moose, and Cas makes a reappearance! 

As the boys round up their dream team powerhouses to take on Amara, she gets busy tracking down the new prophet and stealing his soul so she can track them down. When things finally come to head, Rowena and her coven attack, followed by Crowley in order to weaken Amara so that Chuck can lock her away again. 

Finally Amara is able to confront her brother about why she was locked away from his creation. When chuck tries to move the mark from her to Sam, Amara fights back, fatally wounding Chuck. 

Talk about a cliff hanger! God’s dying, Lucifer (and possibly Cas) appear to be dead, the world is coming to an end, and we can all look forward to another colossal Winchester fight when Dean gets a chance to lay into Sam about volunteering to take on the mark. Is there no end to the Winchester need to heroically sacrifice everything for the greater good? 


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