#TheBlacklist "Alexander Kirk: Conclusion" (Season Finale) recap and review

Everything has been leading to this episode, this very season finale that not only had so much emotion but humor and never to mention the very twist that only The Blacklist can bring to this very finale. 

Red’s plan is just as plan sight as his hat, take out Alexander Kirk and to do so he had Senator Diaz to indict him for questioning. Kirk sees the news coverage and doesn’t take the bait. That’s until Red has his team and FBI to switch illegal oil onto Kirk’s company gas truck.

That my friend was one of many hilarious moments. As Red orders hot dogs that takes about 10 minutes or so, he’s distracting the trucker as Tom and team switches the trucker’s tank with the tank of oil. 

As things went to plan, Red and Cooper had a chat about that Red’s gonna kill Kirk. And gave this one of the most beautiful speeches in the three seasons of the show. So good that it felt like a finale. 

The plan does work until Keen slips way from Kaplan and takes off on a airplane to Cuba. Kirk has a guy, who is a remembrance to Javier Bardem’s character in “No Country for Old Men,” following Tom and the baby. Follows him towards Cuba and tell Kirk about it. As Kirk’s plane lands in the U.S., he heads to Cuba while his lawyer takes on the questions with the Senators. 

That moment when Kirk wasn’t there surprised Red as he was going shoot him in the head. And just before that Ressler was trying to stop Red from doing it. But Ressler pulled back. IT was a great scene between the two. As Red calls Aram about it and they found out that Kirk left on the plane to Cuba. While with Aram on, he asked what plane and company that Keen took. 

As Red got the name of the company, he heads towards the owner, a friend, and slaps him with his own golf club. The guy thought that Red had ordered the plane, which he didn’t, and told that Kaplan was the one who told him.

Kaplan betrays Red. It wasn’t a pretty site to see when Red and Kaplan had a talk. He tells her that Kirk is on his way to Cuba and that Keen and Agnus aren’t safe, until she responded with and someone else. 

Keen gets to Cuba and heads towards a very nice place. He walks in with Agnus and as the camera cuts to the white curtains, who other than Liz pops out. Just to let all of you know I was still in shock, even though with all the talk about she’s alive and all.  The three are together for now. 

Red and Kaplan are on the plane and Red ask her how this all happen. Kaplan explained that she had to do it to protect her, that she and the baby wasn’t protected under him. She talked to the doctor and he had a way to make things look like she was in need of an emergency. He gives her a dose to have her stop breathe for two minutes and after she was taken away in a body bag, he relived her. 

My god Kaplan! My god!! She broke his heart. She broke my heart too. 

Tom comes back from the store and sees the window broken. He looks around and finds a man in the baby room and kicks the crap out of him until  the big guy knocks him out. 

As Red and Kaplan get there, the place is empty. There’s broken glass and bottles, there was no sign of anyone. Red comes up to Kaplan with his hands and gun on her head and ask her what should he do with her. In a way, it felt like that scene from The Godfather Part II where Michael grabs Fredo. 

In the final scene of the episode, Liz is in an empty room tied to a chair. Kirk comes out and walks towards her and the only thing she’s asking is where is her baby and Tom and are they safe. Kirk calls Liz by her real name and tells her that she knows him. He tells her that he is her father. SHOCKING TWIST!!!

What a great finale this turned out to be. IT had enough humor, along with so many twist and emotional turns that writing this took me a day and a half to grab my thoughts together.

This was literally the best season finale that the series has done throughout it’s run. The executive producers and writers have done a splendid job that not only answering some questions there’s a whole lot more that is asked. Spader, Lennix and Klattenhoff gives a great performance.

I couldn’t get those scenes with Red and Cooper along with Red and Ressler out of my head. I kept watching those scenes that still was so beautifully performed as well. It’s great to see Megan Boone, because let’s face it, it’s not The Blacklist without Liz and Red together.  It’s so great to see her once again. 

I give this episode a 9.5/10. And overall the season a 9.5/10.

What did you think of The Blacklist season finale? Was it good? Was it bad? How excited are you for next season? Any thoughts? 

The Blacklist returns this fall same night, new time: Thursdays at 10/9c. It’s part of a great new line with with Superstore, The Good Place, Chicago Med. 


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