#TheBlacklist "Alexander Kirk (No. 14)" recap and review

Meet the Anti-Red team of The Blacklist, a team that can do more than what the FBI or the United States will do in a crisis. And man did this have it’s own Blacklist twist and turns. 

After Red’s highly convincing way to get to talk with Susan Hargrave, now she must help him find Liz’s killer, Alexander Kirk. Hargrave was the contractor under Kirk who tried to take Liz from Red but failed.

So in order to get Kirk, Hargrave and her team needs to do what the FBI and US can’t do, do things clean, illegal and a lot dirtier as well. Red talks to one person that probably doesn’t want to do it…Tom Keen, but he wants the man responsible to pay so he agrees to tryout for the team. 

Solomon walks with Tom through what was the coolest intro of where their headquarters are at and the team looks so familiar like Red’s team. So the their plan is to take Kirk’s money out before he can. So they put a scene of robbing the bank, but during that mission a kid gets shot and things went a little side track but made for one of the thirds most thrilling scenes. 

When they got the the papers of Kirk’s money they need a password, as soon as they get the password, they’re gonna need a retinal scan of Kirk’s accountant eye. Tom comes up with a plan to go in and take the guy out, but didn’t think well that after drugging him his eye becomes an issue. So they needed to make a stop to get some eye drops but before leaving Tom shoots Solomon and leaves him for dead but escapes before the cops get there. 

It’s Solomon, he can escape from anything.

With the tradition of The Blacklist thriller, they get into the bank account and withdraw from Kirk’s money into the FBI’s account. Close but got the money in time, Hargrave than calls on Red about the drop is done. 

With a senator, who’s running for President, calls on Kirk about the money. Hargrave and Red make a surprising appearance and forces the man to bring Kirk out on indictment.

After we see that Tom, Cooper, Samar, Ressler and Aram are at Angus’ christening. Tom makes a speech to them about how he’s so happy that him and Liz has a family like them, since he doesn’t know or have a family to see. We see Angus’s christening but in the distance is Red watching from behind the doors. Breaks my heart.

But soon, Tom drives to Hargrave’s home to finish the job, kill her. But when Red calls him in time, he tells Tom that if he kills her that the past that he is looking for will be gone forever. Because Hargrave is Tom’s mother, but she doesn’t know that her own son is alive. 

Yeah there’s the twist that we’re looking for and along with that she hires Tom to join her team. 

There you go, that is the backdrop pilot to The Blacklist spin-off, which broke news over the weekend that NBC has picked up as a series and will premiere sometime during the midseason.  The name of the series will be “The Blacklist: Redemption." 

This was one hell of an episode. The writing was so good and it felt at first the pilot to The Blacklist but it really isn’t as it just feels like The Blacklist but with a different spin of it that goes the extra mile that the mother-ship just can’t. 

How exciting is that? What did you think of this episode? Do you think the spin-off is going to work?