#TheFosters Season 3 Recap (Catch Up Before Season 4 Premieres)

While I was writing the season finale recap, I forgot that a season recap might also really be necessary. So here’s a full season recap. The Fosters is a blended family, the mamas Stefanie and Lena, Stefanie’s biological son Brandon, the twins that Lena and Stefanie adopted Jesus and Mariana and now Callie and Jude. The only way properly is to recap each separate episode, well from my perspective. However the season 2 was mostly about Callie and Jude adoption process, and while we are happy for that at the second season finale, Jude gets adopted but find out that Jude’s father did not father Callie. The mamas got ahold of Callie’s birth father whose name is Robert and was trying to have Callie’s adoption thrown out since he was the biological dad. Throughout season three Robert sees Callie both with the Adams- Foster clan and without the family and decided to sign his rights over to the mamas.  The previous season ended with a shooting that left Jude’s friend injured.  The season starts out with lots of questions, all about the car that hit and injured the twins and their biological mom Anna. Jesus got into a boarding school, so he is there. This episode Callie meets a fellow runaway and helps him out. Brandon gets involved in a prestigious music school for the summer but faces fierce competition. The next episode it’s fathers day and the mamas decide to spend it with Mike while Callie spends time with Robert and Jude spends time with his father, Donald. The third episode deals with Callie’s new friend A.J. who they invite to the house, and he ends up taking something very personable and valuable that belonged to Brandon. A.J.  gets caught by Brandon putting it back. The fourth episodes deal with something that our society is still dealing with today, and that is the issue on Race. Lena’s parents come to dinner, and it is mentioned that Lena’s brother will also be joining them.  While it’s a shock to Lena’s parents that her brother made some racist remarks Lena feels that she is owed an apology.  During the episode, her brother leaves because of disapproval from their parents. Within the episode Callie gets invited to a LGBT prom and goes, so does Connor and Jude. This episode starts to bring out the maturity in Jude while he is figuring out who he is. There are some problems between Jude and Connor, but it was resolved when Jude confirms to Connor that he wants to be with Connor.

In this episode, Callie gets her drivers license.  Callie first mission with her new license was to top drag Brandon away somewhere fun, so despite mamas orders, they drive to Mexico, where they end up hang-gliding and almost not being able to return to the states. With Brandon and Callie’s quick thinking they come up with a plan to part ways with a keyboard that was in the trunk, so they are off the hook before the mamas figure out they went off the grid and got into more trouble.  Within this episode, the mamas find a pregnancy test and assumes it belonged to Callie’s, but Mariana tells the mammas that she had sex with Wyatt, and the test was hers. Jude surprises Callie with a party for her 17th birthday. After thinking it over and talking with Mariana, Callie and Mariana decide to buy a car together. At the end of the episode, A.J. gives Callie shares a possionate kiss, Unbeknownst to Callie mamas are watching.

While I think that this play by play episode recap is necessary, I also believe that I’m boring you readers that come on here to browse the site. So I will make the rest of the recap of the season in just a few paragraphs. The next few episodes take a weird turn. Callie and A.J get taken into custody after parking the car that Mariana and Callie bought. The owner that sold it to them marked it as stolen, and Stef takes care of the situation, but the girls also lose the car. Mamas think that it would be a good idea to separate Callie and A.J, so Callie goes to live with Rita and in the Girls United House. A.J finds his brother who is also in the system, and he tells A.J not to trust Mike. whose his current semi-permanent guardian.  Brandon comes up with an amazing song while he’s at Idyllwild and one of his so called friends at the school steals it and makes it his own telling him that it was show business.  Someone that is working on Callie’s adoption comes over and explains that she can’t proceed until the matter of Brandon and Callie’s situation plays out.  The worker comes back and interviews Callie and Brandon separately, and they each have different sides to the story, which doesn’t look good on either part. We get to meet Rita’s daughter that has problems of her own.  At the Girls United House, where Rita overlooks the girls and the house, there is a confrontation between two of girls and Rita gets in the middle of it, and the girls tell a different story and Rita gets arrested.  The summer is nearly over, and the music program has come to a close, the family drives up to watch Brandon’s performance, and he ends up winning the chance to play at Disney Hall.  Callie sends in a video that clears Rita’s of the assault charges but also reveals that she and Brandon kissed, leaving her to thinking that the adoption wasn’t going to go through. So that night Brandon and Callie have sex.

Connor decides to go live with his mom in L.A. and Jude, and Connor decides to try the relationship long distance. Cue mid-season finale. The show picks back up with Adams-Foster clan in the courtroom with Callie’s adoption on the table and with a great speech from the mamas, Callie is officially an Adams- Foster. This return also means the return of Jesus, who was at boarding school.

We welcomed Noah Centineo to the role of Jesus, and while some of us hate change, I think that this cast change was good. This episode Jesus confided in Mariana that he got kicked out of boarding school.  This is the first time we also see the progress App that Callie has been working on called Fost and Found, an app that helps out foster kids while working on it catches the attention of an investor that works in foster care. Stef finds out that A.J.’s brother was responsible for the accident, and Mike was trying to hide it from her.  Brandon has a chance to audition for Juilliard but because of their financial troubles doesn’t even want to try. Stef’s mother comes to visit and is worried about Stef’s health.   It’s Brandon’s senior year at Anchor Beach, and they have to come up with a project to graduate. A.J and his brother run away leaving Callie in the dark about his plans. Callie and Brandon panic when they think that their secret got out.  Stef finally goes to the doctors and gets a diagnosis of early stages of breast cancer. Jude meets a teen in the system named Jack, and they find out that he is being abused in one of the many unfit group homes so with Callie’s new advisor for the Fost and Found app reaches out to try to help and put him into a good home. Jesus learns about his birth father and decides to meet him,  but he didn’t know the history between him and Anna.  Callie’s new advisor Justina is involved in a foster kid reform bill, and the mamas insist on having more information about it. So throughout the rest of the season the bill comes to light and in the finale is revealed to Callie that Justina has other plans and is just about the money not helping the system at all. Brandon’s senior project comes in the form of an updated musical of Romeo and Juliet, which would be played by Mat and Marianna, there is conflict at the school, so they have to keep it somewhere else. Jesus meets a kid Nick that he becomes friends with, and Nick father owns a warehouse, and he allowed them to use it for the show. Nick and Marianna go on a double date with Lexi and Jesus, did I mention Lexi is back, and she and Marianna friendship got off to a rough start. Nick is now Mariana’s new boyfriend. The twins have their birthday party at the warehouse, a dance party for Mariana and a skate party for Jesus( the warehouse is huge upstairs and downstairs.) The next two episodes before the finale episode which I already recapped was just about the rehearsal of the play and the musical show itself. The show where the Mat, Marianna, and Nick drama started from (Now if you haven’t yet read my season final recap and see how the season ends.)


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