#TheWalkingDead Season 7 News and Rumors #TWD

I know we are dying to know who Negan killed on that godawful cliffhanger, but we just have to wait. No one is telling us that. Although there are a lot of rumors and myths out there about it. Season 7 is bound to bring us a lot more with the way they ended season 6. There are a few things that we know thus far. 

According to comicbook.com, The walking dead creators and staff have said that Ezekiel (leader of the Kingdom) has been cast and will be in season 7. If you read the comics, then you might be wondering if his beloved pet tiger Shiva will also be making an appearance well according to both comicbook.com and movieweb.com we will be seeing our first glimpse of Shiva in the official trailer for season 7. This trailer is always released during the San Diego Comic-Con. Which has a confirmed date of July 21st until July 24th of this year. Which means at some point during that time frame we will get our first real peek at what season 7 holds for us. If you’re like me, that seems like too long to wait!! DesignTrend also tells us that instead of a real tiger Shiva will be part CGI and part animatronics. This will be very cool to see! No official release has been made about who will be playing the part of Ezekiel but after searching the internet for hours, I found most sites say the same thing. Creators and producers are trying to get Dave Fennoy to play the part. If you have ever played the walking dead series games, then you have heard his voice because he does the voice overs. Dave also looks the part according to the pictures in the comics. I for one think he would make an outstanding fit. 

To this date, there has been no confirmed date for the premier of season 7, but if you look at the past 6 seasons, there is a pattern they have followed. The season always airs during the New York Comic-Con. If they follow the same pattern this year that would make the date October 9th, 2016!!!!