#TheWalkingDead The Last Day On Earth Recap Must Watch Video

OK now that I am finally over the season finale of The Walking Dead I can now recap the episode. While Negan appearance came as no surprise to us the fact that they did not show who he killed was frustrating because we were so pumped up for that specific scene. Now I was mad at first like most people, but them I thought about, and it is only common scenes to make it a cliffhanger. When you think of other shows that are returning for another season they frequently leave us on the edge of our seat about to fall off and then have us sitting there for 4 to 6 months.  I enjoyed the episode even though it was stressful, emotional, frustrating and mind shuttering it was one of this best season finale of this fall series so far. 

The question is still on everyone’s mind who Negan killed or if the person is badly damage but will survive. The writers, producers, and actors are being hush-hush about it, and I think it’s because they have not decided to who kill yet. I believe that this is a series changer either way but who they kill could have a major effect on future of the series. 

Here is a video Recap of TWD season finale “Last Day on Earth.”