Thirteen to Premiere on BBC America June 23rd!

I would have never heard of this TV show until the commercial on BBC America if I was not already an Outlander fan and was following the doings of Richard (Rik) Rankin who is our Roger (Wakefield) MacKenzie.  I kept seeing posts and tweets about this show and then how awesome it was, etc.  I wanted to see it too!

Thirteen was released on February 28, 2016 on the BBC Three for web-only.  I was getting frustrated, as were some others that were unable to find how to watch the show as others were raving about it.  Imagine my surprise and joy to find that BBC America was going to bring it across the pond. So, we here in America may be a little behind (like an entire season), but I am here to watch and recap the show as we see it.

So, what is this show about you may ask. Well, it follows a girl by the name Ivy Moxam (Jodie Comer, Doctor Foster) from the day she escapes from her captor who has kept her in a cellar for the past 13 years.   Now, you may think, how can you have a show if the kidnapped person is returned home.  That should be the end, but for this girl and her family, it is not.

The Moxam family had given up all hope since Ivy had been gone for so long, and now she is thrown back into their lives and they are trying to rush around and pick up all the pieces.  Ivy’s mother, Christina (Natasha Little, The Night Manager) tells husband Angus (Stuart Graham, The Fall)  to leave his girlfriend and return home and to never tell Ivy of their separation, his breakdown and everything else that has happened in the past 13 years.  

You would think that once home, Ivy would get a sense of security, but it seems that even after escaping her kidnapper and returning to her family, Ivy can’t find that security and safety. The police inform her that her kidnapper was never caught and is now on the run.  Two detectives are assigned to the case, their job is to protect Ivy.  Detective Inspector Elliott Carne (Richard Rankin, The Crimson Field, Outlander) and Detective Sergeant Lisa Merchant (Valene Kane, The Fall). The tow of them are sharp-tongued have a close relationship that sometimes may cross over the lines of friendship.  Their relationship is tested though, when Carne becomes obsessed with the job of protecting Ivy.

Ivy is the only one who knows anything about her kidnapper, and therefore the detectives best lead to catching him. Leads start to run cold and the police begin to suspect Ivy isn’t telling them something. Ivy fights to retain what sanity she has, but doubts about her start to form. False statements and lies makes everyone start to wonder what really happened in that cellar? Where is her kidnapper and is he real? Can Ivy really be trusted? It is going to be no easy task to unravel this mystery of Ivy Moxam.