What To Expect for Season 6 Of #TeenWolf... New Cast.... Returning Cast... Cast Not Returning.....

Season six of Teen Wolf is set to return some time this month this month but the season comes with a lot of changes and new and returning cast. First big change for season 6 is that Kira Yukimura (Arden Cho.) will not be returning for season 6. When we last saw Kira, she was being left in the desert by Scott and she has plans to repay her debt to the skin walkers. The actress released a video on Monday that made it clear to her fans that she will not be back for season six, as for the real reason behind why she is leaving, I guess we will never know or time will tell. “I love Kira Yukimura so much. I love the Yukimura family. I loved my experience on Teen Wolf. I love the cast and crew. It’s been an amazing almost 3-and-a-half years. But unfortunately it looks like we are wrapped up with Kira’s storyline and she won’t be coming back for season 6.” But as Cho. said not rule out her ever returning to the series for her character because anything is possible on Teen Wolf.

Jeff Davis, Promises a Ghostly Season Six, this is what Jeff Davis had to say about Nazi zombie that breaks loose at the very end of season 5. “He will be lurking about Season 6 and causing a lot of trouble. It may actually allow us to explore another episode in WWII. We had a lot of fun doing the fox and the wolf with the Japanese internment camp episode so we may revisit that.” He continues to say that in Season 6, will be a pretty big one for them and technically very difficult for them. 

We might not have seen the last of Theo Raeken (Cody Christian) yet as he sent out a tweet telling us that Theo is not dead. I have seen and hear the chatter of him returning, but it has not been officially confirmed, but I think that he will return but whether he is team Scott or not is yet to be determined. 

Teen Wolf season 6 fresh meat. 

Ross Butler portraying Nathan the new lacrosse player who doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but it’s Teen Wolf that will change or adjust before season 6 ends.

Pete Ploszek portraying Garrett Douglas a new teacher at Beacon Hills High School, he is hot in deed but based on the new teacher’s track record, we might be on a treat. 

Gabrielle Elyse portraying Jayden another new Student at Beacon Hills High, her role have not yet been announced, but its Beacon Hill her life will never be the same.

New comer Actress Alisha Hienvich portraying Gwen her role haven’t yet being determine but her agent announced her role on twitter.