Who I Think Negan Killed on the Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead #TWD

So if you’re a huge fan of The Walking Dead like me your probably dying to know if your favorite character survived the season finale or if they met the true death by the hands of Negan. Well as soon as the show aired and I knew we wouldn’t know the answers until October, I took matters into my own hands so to speak. I began re-watching the last few moments of that awful cliffhanger. I watched the direction Negan went over and over. I looked at every thing you could see behind Negan at each person he went to during his little game. I made notes of where everyone set and what clothes they were wearing. I paused to see everyone’s expression. I listened closely to exactly what Negan has to say. I made a note of where Negan puts his hands at that moment. 

If you listen Negan says if you scream we will cut out the boys other eye and feed it to his dad. The position of his arms here is key. I know most people are saying Glenn because the comics. I dont think they would make it that simple. I have heard its Michonne because the POV was hers because you could see Daryl’s head in the van. Well that might have been but its my thoughts they did this to throw us off. 

There is one man who stood tall to Negan. He didnt feel threatened by him at all. This is one of the strongest men with Rick. Also if Negan was standing in front of this man then his hands would land directly on Carl. 

With every thing I did I came up with Abraham. I am sorry! I know it doesn’t mean I am right but if I am it is gonna suck! But if you read the comics then you know that Abraham is the one who was suppose to get the arrow to the eye!!