#YoungandHungry Season 3 Recap "Catch Before Tonight's All New Season 4 Premieres"

 So, Young & Hungry season 3 gave us all the right feels in all the right places we got Josh and Gabi even though they didn’t last; it’s the build up that left me happy personally.

We all knew that Josh was damaged and that he couldn’t fully commit to Gabi the way we wanted until he fought all of his demons and even though they weren’t together we knew how he knows where home is, and no woman in the world can take Gabi’s place. So further in the season we see Allan and Elliot’s (and Yolanda’s) relationship developing,  to me they are a hilarious threesome, this is what I mean they bought a lottery ticket, and Gabi accidentally got “Robbed” and the ticket was a winner (Bummer.) Further on Gabi sets Josh up with a therapist so that he can work on his commitment issues, and finally, make a commitment to her.  She agrees to wait until he is ready but that easier said than done because Gabi gets interested in another man and Josh tells her with so much regret that she doesn’t have to wait for him anymore.  Josh continues his therapy with his hot therapist, and surprisingly it wasn’t Josh who had the hots for this sexy woman ….  It was the woman who wanted the hot man. In the episode before the finale, Josh being a gentleman helps her with her dog, and she kisses him.  In the finale, Gabi realizes that no one can make her as happy as Josh can, and Josh doesn’t have a say on to it. As Josh  gets on the plane to head to Australia to accept the Australian award for “Digital Innovation in Next Gen Optimization” he is met by his therapist who has invited herself on his trip (with part of commitment issues this therapist didn’t get.) Gabi uses all the money she has to get a ticket and get on the plane only to sees Josh having drinks with his hot therapist. The look of hurt on Gabi’s face knowing that they already shared s kiss broke the youngries hearts. 

Oh, Sophia and Josh’s brother Jake had a one night stand that turns into them trying to make a relationship work, but as you know, the Kaminski’s are damage and have a fear of commitment and after we met their mother we all understood why. Elliot and Alan decide to recreate their honeymoon by going to Maui, Hawaii but need a third person need to go to split the cost, so they invited  Yolanda was more than excited to go until she heard it was on a cruise but a plane. Elliot, who is not about to make Yolanda come between him and the beaches of Hawaii and recreating his honey moon trick Yolanda on to the plane (I laughed so hard.) are up-up and away, Hawaii make room for the funniest threesome on cable tv. 

Sometimes the grass is greener in the next season because from the season 4 promo for Young & Hungry we see Yolanda sipping her tea ( pun intended), And I predict a proposal !!  But we shall see June 1st on Freeform.