#YoungAndHungry Season 4 Premiere "Young & Hawaii" Recap & Review

Aloha  youngries!  So the summer premiere of  Young & Hungry came and went but and I gotta say that it was amazing! In the beginning with the facetime call between Gabi and Sofia was hilarious. 

Gabi meets a heartbroken groom who overheard her situation and made  her an offer that comes with free booze and a return ticket, if she would spend his honeymoon (Gabi agrees to anything)

Gabi sees the humorous Yolanda, who didn’t recognize her as the “real” Gabi at first calling her Hawaii Gabi.  And man that is one crazyyyy therapist!  She’s a complete nutjob; it was her job to see that Josh was still in love with Gabi!  I mean duh ah LOL.  Gabi and Adam had a beautiful day, and they seem to be connecting which means when Gabi and Josh blow up for the millionth time he’s going to be there ( let’s hope that doesn’t happen ), but I will give him props because he is a real sweetheart. Then Amanda (Adams fiance) shows up and sucker punches Gabi in the face!

So in the midst of Gabi still thinking about Josh having a thing for his therapist, he shows up in Hawaii to tell Gabi what she always wanted to hear “ I want you.” When she goes back to the room to get her stuff ….  Adam kisses her and she didn’t try to stop him “talk about trouble in paradise.”!  

I knew this guy was gonna be trouble cause the proof is in the pudding “vanilla, butterscotch and chocolate pudding at that!”  That’s a lot of pudding . Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

See a preview of episode 4x02 below.