Sueboohscorner Countdown to #ValentineDay starts today. "Top 14 TV couple from the past 5 years" #14 Hart of Dixie Zoe & Wade #Zade

Zoe Hart the aspiring heart surgeon who was not able to get a residency at any New York hospital because she needs more experience dealing with patients and their families. Zoe accepted the invitation she kept receiving and moves to Bluebell, Alabama with much resistance. Zoe later learned the strange man was her biological father and was a respected doctor in the small town. Wade Kinsella, A bartender and Zoe's neighbor. He has an eccentric personality. Initially, he appears to be an immature, unambitious, womanizing and sarcastic bartender who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. On her first night in Blue Bell, she kisses Wade, but she was drunk and regretted it the next morning. They tried dating and he cheated then they slept together but that was not enough, and she moved back to New York. She returned to Blue Bell with a new boyfriend, but that was short live because she was in love with Wade. They had a lot of ups and downs but in the end, true love prevailed, and they got married and had a son.

Here is a video of our #14 pick from Sueboohscorner Countdown to Valentine starts today