SueboohsCorner countdown to #ValentineDay #4 The Walking Dead's Glenn and Maggie #Gleggie

Glenn met Maggie on her family’s farm after Carl was accidentally shot. While waiting for Carl’s recovery, Maggie and Glenn were tasked with going on a supply run where the two end up having sex, which Maggie wanted or claimed to be a one-time thing, but it grew into unconditional love. Later, she decides to have sex with him again, but he stumbles upon walkers in the barn. Maggie asks him not to tell anyone, but he eventually tells Dale, causing Maggie to become upset. On their next supply’s run, Maggie got attacked by a walker, but Glenn is able to save her and kill the walker. When they return to the farm, Maggie was even more upset at Glenn, but after a convincing speech, Maggie was able to forgive him and later told him that she loves him right before he leaves to find her father. Upon his return, they met a rough match which is on among many over the series some being worst than other, but with the support of their family, friends and their love for each other they always manage to find their way back in each other’s arms. As time passes, Maggie and Glenn considered themselves to be husband and wife, and they are living the definition of for better or worse, in sickness and in health until death does them part which is why they are Sueboohs Corner countdown to #ValentineDay #4 pick.