SueboohsCorner countdown to #ValentineDay #3 #Reign Mary & Francis #Frary

Queen Mary Stuart and King Francis II was brought together out of duty to their countries, but the moment they laid eyes on one another, it was an instant connection at least for Mary who had been in love with Francis since she was a child. Mary was head over heels for the young soon to be King, he loved her but was not ready to settle down. Eventually, Francis saw that Mary was not the little girl he once played with but that she had become an attractive, fiery passion woman who would do anything to protect her country and the people she loves. Between love for each other and the love of  duty, Mary And Francis love for each other was truly compelling. They were soulmates bound by their love for one another and their countries. As with all couples Mary and Francis had many complications and obstacles try to come between them, but their love for each other always brought them back together. As their love for each grows stronger and they tried to have a baby but was unsuccessful. Sadly after two years of marriage, their love story came to an end, when Francis grew ill of an illness but was resurrected for a short time. After they Francis found out that his second chance at life was temporary he spent the last of his days with Mary before eventually being killed by a group of assassins. Before dying, Francis spent his final moments with Mary and thought of his precious memories of her and hoped she would find love again. Francis' death caused a major impact on Mary and overflowed her with grief. Mary and Francis are SueboohsCorner countdown to #ValentineDay #3 pick because although Francis is gone, his love story has left a mark on all our hearts.