Sueboohscorner Countdown to #Valentineday "Top 14 TV couple from the past 5 year’s #13 One Tree Hill Peyton and Lucas.

Lucas and Peyton shared a mutual attraction from the start. Lucas confessed his feelings to Peyton at Dan Scott’s party, overwhelming her so much she left the party. They fell for each other during the beginning of their junior year, but Peyton was dating is half-brother Nathan at the time. Peyton and Lucas were always connected, but something or someone always keep them apart and even though both have tried to move on, they always end up back together. Lucas proposed to Peyton, and she declined, saying “Someday”; feeling that there were issues between them that needed to be addressed and that more time needed to pass before getting married. Lucas, hurt, came back to Tree Hill, ending their relationship. When Peyton returned to Tree Hill, Lucas was in a relationship with Lindsey, the editor of his book. Lucas proposed to Lindsey, and Peyton visited Lucas and told him she was still in love with him. She also begged him not to marry Lindsey. Lucas and Lindsey almost got married, but there were too many unresolved feelings between Lucas and Peyton. Lucas finally admitted to himself that his second book, “The Comet,” wasn’t just about a boy waiting for a comet it was about Peyton’s old Comet car that she used to drive. After his wedding to Lindsey had donen't happen, Lucas called Peyton to get married in Vegas. They went but decided to come back to Tree Hill and have a real wedding at the last minute. Peyton found out she was pregnant, but she had a disease called placenta previa, meaning she could die if she had the baby. Lucas was scared, but Peyton insisted on taking the risk and keeping their baby. On their wedding night, she collapsed and went into labor. She gave birth to a baby girl, Sawyer Brooke Scott. Lucas and Peyton decided to leave Tree Hill with Sawyer and start a new life together. Lucas and Peyton’s loves story is one to talk about, they if you love someone let them go, and if they are yours they will come back I think that describe Peyton and Lucas love story. This is why Peyton and Lucas are Sueboohscorner #13 pick for our Countdown to Valentine "Top 14 TV couple from the past 5 years.”