SueboohsCorner countdown to #ValentineDay #12 Grey's Anatomy Derek & Meredith

After having a one-night stand with Derek, not knowing that he was her boss, she and Derek began dating, initially discreetly. Meredith soon learned that Derek was still married when his wife, Addison, came to Seattle to get Derek back. At first, Meredith was angry with Derek for not telling her, but she later admitted to still loving him and begged him to "pick me, choose me, love me." The two constantly flirted and Derek still hinted at having feelings for her, but they both agreed to remain friends. Their friendship was short lived after the two soon after met with each other in an exam room at Seattle Grace Hospital Prom, where Derek went with Addison and Meredith went with Finn and Derek confessed to still loving her and they had sex. Addison discovered Meredith's underwear in Derek's pocket and the two finally agreed to divorce. Throughout the series, the couple's love has faced numerous good and bad moments Meredith Drowning in Elliot Bay, the shooting at the Hospital, their wedding day, adoption of Zola Shepherd, the Plane Crash, Derek Bailey Shepherd's Birth, and Derek Leaving for D.C and finally they worst of all tragedy Derek's Death. Derek & Meredith story has taken America’s heart by storm and has we go through the amazing up and downs with them the one thing that we were sure of is that they loved each other and earned each other. This is why Derek & Meredith are Sueboohscorner #13 pick for our Countdown to Valentine "Top 14 TV couple from the past 5 years.”