SueboohsCorner countdown to #ValentineDay #10 #ChicagoFire Casey & Dawson #Dawsey

A friendship that that turn into true love, Dawson was there for Casey through the death of his wife Hallie and after spending so much time together, the two start dating. Casey proposes to Dawson, but they get a sudden call for a fire, and the proposal was unanswered. Later Dawson told Casey that she couldn't accept his proposal because it would be the day that Shay died, and she can't mix the memory with such a sad, but change her mind when Casey tells her that Shay picked out the ring with him. Another obstacle arises when Dawson's eventually transferred to work under Casey in Truck 81 and to mean that they can't get married as she can't work under him and she's a candidate. It works out great until Dawson makes a mistake, causing Casey to call her out and threaten to kick her off truck since she ignored his instructions. She's fine with it until Casey refuses to talk to her after shift as he's still upset with her. The couple broke up for a while, and Casey dated someone else, but eventually ended up back into Dawson's arm. Dawson got pregnant but lost the baby in the early stages of her pregnancy, and it broke her heart but brought her and Casey closer together. After all, they have been through together Casey & Dawson are Sueboohscorner #10 pick for our Countdown to Valentine "Top 14 TV couple from the past 5 years.”