SueboohsCorner countdown to #ValentineDay #8 Castle's Beckett and Castle #Caskett

Beckett's and Castle relationship started as a flirty/friendship and later turned romantic thanks the persistence of Castle, who laid his eyes on her and was smitten by her feistinesver the season she has tried to keep Castel away refusing is an offer but she eventually realize that she had to feel for him. Castle have made Beckett feel every emotion is the book, but the one that stands out the most is her love for him and him for her. They got to engage and attempt to get married, but the wedding was called off when Castle when missing. Beckett search heaven and earth to find him and even though when he return, they were a strain in their relationship they were able to overcome it and move on. After their big wedding was a disaster, they decided to have a small intimate wedding with family only. They are happy married now, but as you know, Castle and Beckett's romance is without obstacles. However, I know that their love will prevail, and this is why Beckett and Castle are our number 8 pick for our Countdown to Valentine "Top 14 TV couple from the past 5 years.”


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