A nomination Video to Nominate Stephen Amell for 2016/17 Sexiest Man Alive ipt.io/anetv

Over the year, they have chosen the sexiest man of the year for many reasons. This year I believe there was one person that was left off that list, Stephen Adam Amell he is a Canadian actor  best known for portraying Oliver Queen / Green Arrow in the television series Arrow and will portray Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. I think that he should be nominated because he is an awesome human being, who just happens to have great abs.Amell charming, handsome, sexy and philanthropic. He has hosted a number of successful fundraising campaigns via the crowd-funded merchandise platform Represent.com. In 2014, Amell partnered with the charity F Cancer to raise almost a million dollars with the release of a T-shirt featuring his face on the front and sold over 60,000 shirts from this campaign. In January 2015, Amell launched his second Represent.com campaign featuring a word he made up, sinceriously “the ability to speak freely, openly and honestly about anything,” to benefit two mental health charities: Paws and Stripes, and Stand For The Silent. In August 2015, Amell used his guest appearance on WWE Raw with Stardust to raise funds via his third campaign for children's hospice Emily's House in Toronto. The campaign raised $300,000, and Amell and Stardust presented a check together at Emily's House. Now with all that he still find time to be a good husband and father to his wife Cassandra Jean who he married in 2012 and his daughter Mavi Alexandra Jean Amell born in 2013 and to us his fans. Now I am asking you to show your appreciation by signing this petition to nominate Stephen Amell for 2016/17 Sexiest Man Alive.

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