Sueboohs Corner 2017 Count Down to #Valentinedays TV Show Couple of 2016 #13 #TVD Enzo & Bonnie

Bonnie has never had great luck with relationships (I personally was not a fan of her with Jeremy--I love Jeremy!), but the Bonnie and Enzo love story is beautiful. Enzo is known as an antagonistic sort, but his past has been nothing but rocky relationships that ended in betrayal. After centuries of abandonment issues, he was a tough guy nursing a broken heart, but he has developed into a loving and caring vampire, dedicated to protecting Bonnie at all costs.

In Season Seven, their relationship was introduced in a startling flash-forward. But as the story unfolded in flashbacks of the years Enzo hid Bonnie in a cozy little cabin to protect her from the Armory, we watched them fall in love, and their bond was undeniable. 

Season Eight opened with these lovers tragically separated as Enzo was held captive by a powerful monster, but Enzo's love for Bonnie was strong enough to keep him from succumbing fully to mind control, and he fought his way back to her. She never stopped fighting for him either, and their mutual devotion earned them a spot in our Valentine's Day countdown.

Here is a Valentine day #13 Video


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