Sueboohs Corner 2017 Count Down to #Valentinedays TV Show Couple of 2016 #14 #TheRoyals Eleanor & Jasper

Princess Eleanor and her bodyguard Jasper have a less that convention relationship. Their story has all the negatives which include blackmailing, cheating, and cunning, but one thing they have that they can’t deny is a strong chemistry and love for each other.

After the death of her brother, a grieving Eleanor drunkenly has a three way with her sexy and attractive bodyguard Jasper, after which she attempts to fire him but Jasper threatens to release a sex tape of them from that night. To ensure she won’t tell anyone is secret (he is not British, but American and in you can work for the place unless you are Britain-born).

As Eleanor begin to develop a feeling for Jasper, they constantly flirtatious. But she still plays hard to get as she also has feeling for her childhood crush Beck. However, Jasper big secret is discovered by Queen Helena, and because she hated that Eleanor is having feelings for Jasper in exchange for her silence, she asks Jasper "pleasures" her, something. She knew would ruin his relationship with Eleanor he did it, and Eleanor found out, but their relationship even overcame that eventually. But that was not the end of Jaspers sins; he was also a part of a two-person con with ex-girlfriend Mandy aka Sam who also became Eleanor’s girl to steal the priceless artifacts. Eleanor also forgave in for doing that, and now we are in the third season Jasper and Eleanor has turned a new leaf in their life and try to make it work with each other will all honest this time. Therefore, Jasper and Eleanor is Sueboohs Corner Count Down to Valentine days TV Show Couple number 14.

Here is a Video of Eleanor and Jaspers journey.


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